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There are times when it seems like a tremendous chore to keep track of all you need to do for your automobile. It may feel like there is a never-ending list of maintenance tasks. From keeping your vehicle insured and taxed to checking your brakes. Knowing your car’s service and MOT history is one of the simplest methods to keep an eye on its health. What, though, is an MOT in reality, and how is it different from a service? What is the procedure for checking your MOT and Car Service Stoke On Trent history? once you are aware of the distinction? This helpful blog has been thus put together to provide you with all the information you want.

What Exactly is an MOT?

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Enough, MOT is the abbreviation for the Ministry of Transport. Put, an MOT test is your vehicle’s yearly, required safety examination. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has established a list of standards. That must be thus met by your vehicle to prove rate that it is roadworthy.

Making ensuring that your car is secure to drive is the goal of an MOT test. You must fix your automobile so that it is safe to drive and will pass the MOT if it fails. But, passing an MOT indicates that your vehicle is safe to drive. Not necessarily that it is in excellent condition. Getting a service in this situation is important.

How Are MOTs and Services Different From One Another?

A service should guarantee that your automobile is operating correctly. As opposed to an MOT test, which is thus intended to determine whether your car is safe to drive. This is because the DVSA has established the requirements for an MOT in a manner. That is consistent with all types of cars. The manufacturer of your automobile. On the other hand, created a service to maintain your car operating at its peak performance.

Services often include things like changing your oil and adjusting your wheels. And replacing spark plugs and filters. They also tend to be more comprehensive. Based on the garage and the car, this will often change. But the idea is that it’s much more concentrated on maintaining. the functionality of your automobile. Whereas an MOT is thus meant to maintain the safety of your car.

Do you need to get an MOT and a service?

If your automobile is three years old or older, you must legally undergo an MOT once a year. Otherwise, you risk a fine and the loss of your insurance. Your vehicle must be getting inspected by a certified garage once a year. to make sure that it is still safe to be on the road.

Although it is not legally required, it is a good idea to service your automobile regularly. By having routine maintenance performed on your automobile. You can ensure its continued safety outside of the yearly MOT inspection. and increase the likelihood that it will pass the test with few or no significant repairs. Proper maintenance will also help your automobile last longer. which can save you money. Minor flaws that may be thus discovered during service might grow. into major faults that would cost you a lot of money to correct or render your automobile. inoperable. Cars that have had regular maintenance are more valuable than comparable vehicles. that have received less maintenance.

Why should you be aware of the service and MOT history?

For keeping track of how well the automobile has been getting maintained over time. Knowing the MOT and service history is crucial. Is anybody interested in purchasing your automobile? while you’re considering selling it will ask to check the service history. So they can determine how the vehicle has been thus maintained. A lengthy and thorough service history as well as proof of previous MOTs may help. to increase the value of your automobile. Because you can demonstrate how well-maintained it has been.

How to look up a car’s maintenance history:

Theoretically, examining a car’s service history ought to be as straightforward. as doing it in the service manual. This logbook includes a list of all the repairs done and when it was thus done. should be getting stored with the vehicle. Maintaining this log book is a fantastic idea, and having the shop stamp it after each service. It might be much simpler to keep track of everything. if manufacturers offer service books in digital format.

How to research an automobile’s MOT history:

It’s not that difficult to review your car’s MOT Stoke On Trent history. The MOT tests the automobile has had in England, and Scotland. or Wales since 2005 are thus detailed in a tool on GOV.UK. which only requires you to input the registration number of your vehicle. It would be worthwhile to conduct a more complete vehicle history check. if your automobile is older than that, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

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