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What is content://


An Android smartphone is a full-featured phone. To see Android phones as totally optimised, several default home features and other bloatware aspects are still pretty upsetting. There are a few tweaks you may do to customise the default app settings to fit your needs.


The Android browser can be customised by installing new browsers or altering the browser appearance. However, using a third-party web browser could pose a security risk. The content:// syntax is used to solve this problem and personalise the default web browser.


content:// Set a page on Browser

The syntax (or link) “content://” is used to alter the default browser homepage. Customers receive a pre-installed browser with a default website when they purchase a new smartphone. If someone does not like the default homepage of their web browser, they can change it.



  • As a matter of course, launch the Google browser programme.
  • Snap the menu in the upper right corner of the screen to access the best option.
  • Snap the “settings” menu and continue moving through the sub-menus until you locate the “Android Browser Settings” option.
  • Once you’ve discovered it, snap it on.
  • In the settings, go to the General tab.
  • Finally, press the homepage button.
  • You must now enter the URL and choose either the default page or the clear page option.




  • Open the browser tab you designated as your default.
  • In the upper right corner, you’ll see a menu option with three specks.
  • You can access the settings from this menu.
  • On the dropdown menu, a settings image will show.
  • The “Set Homepage” option will be available from this menu.
  • On the landing page, tap the settings option, and you’ll be prompted to input the URL.
  • Enter the URL of your selected landing page.
  • You’re finished, and leaving is a fantastic idea.




  • Open your default browser and go to the landing page of the website you want to use.
  • Currently, press the menu button.
  • When using Chrome, press the star symbol in the location bar to display an option called “Spare bookmarks on URL page.”
  • Now press the menu button once more to look for potential bookmarks.
  • Simply keep pressing and the bookmark or history page will be saved.
  • A new menu will appear, with the option to set the page as the landing page.

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