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All jokes aside, we understand why it’s tempting. Maybe you start a brand’s Instagram account from scratch and want to make a better first impression. Or maybe you want to leverage your Instagram skills to earn some $ 5.8 billion from brands that use IG influencers in 2022. The Step-By-Step guide to getting Instagram Verified, On the other hand, you might be reading this article because you’re on the brand side and want to know how you can figure out which influencers have built a valuable audience of real people who genuinely care – and who takes your budget without a return on investment (ROI).

The question is: buy Instagram followers Can you start an Instagram strategy? And is it completely harmless? What risks do you take when you do it (in addition to pure conscience)? To get a valid lecture on the situation of fake Instagram followers, we decided to experiment. Read what happened when we took out a credit card and bought the best Instagram followers that money can buy. Or watch this video for a quick summary of the results.

How to buy Instagram followers?

Let’s first look step by step at how to buy Instagram followers. (After that, we’ll show you why it was a waste of time.)

Beware of phishing scams

Many counterfeit Instagram successor providers have ceased operations over the past three years as Instagram continues to stifle with bots, trash accounts, and the flight day operations that supply them.

Today, finding a reputable fake Instagram follower provider is like finding a trusted human organ vendor. It is a black market. It takes some research to find a seller who doesn’t a) steal money or b) steal your identity. (Ok, I guess it’s another, but it’s a trained guess.)

For this experiment, I decided to go with Famous. (Continue reading for more information on some of the other vendors I consider)

Decide if you want to buy in bulk or get followers every day.

Both options look fake, but sellers offer this option – a thousand followers at a time or 200 a day – to add to the illusion that no one (including Instagram) can tell you bought your followers. Of course, anyone who looks can tell in an instant, but more on that later.

For several reasons (including the fact that the deadline for this article was last week) I decided to buy my own at once. Famous sells 1,000 followers for $ 15.95. (In what currency? It doesn’t tell! I think it’s going to be a fun surprise on my credit card bill!)

Decide if you want to buy likes and comments.

Of course, there is overselling. I got the extra $ 9.71 in mystery dollars and decided to pamper myself with 1000 likes of my last 5 posts.

Again, the theory is that buying a commitment makes it less obvious that your followers are fake. But as you will see later: no. Just like when I tried to turn my jimjams into a luxurious leisure pastime in Zoo, there is no way to hide this maximum lazy choice of mine.

Enter your Instagram handle and credit card information.

Now tell your service where to send the robots. No password is required. Of course, it may seem awkward to give your credit card information to a random number company or email address, and that’s why it’s brazen. I did it for the sake of science, but I don’t recommend doing it.

Where to buy Instagram followers

Where should you go if you too want to experience professional and personal shame and possibly identity theft?

The answer to this question is changing for obvious reasons: Instagram wants to keep real users happy, so it takes time and effort to get rid of fakes. Fortunately, I found those roads that, despite all my bullying, are still curious about this miserable dark web of bot smuggling.

  • GetInsta: According to its marketing, GetInsta is “pretty good in every way”. guide to getting Instagram Verified However, this site escaped me for two reasons. First, the “free trial” button is an empty button that doesn’t work, paid is the only option even if you sign up for an account. Second, the PayPal form claimed “the email format is wrong” and forced me to enter my credit card information directly into the text form instead of on their website. Reader, I didn’t do it.


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