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How to draw a penguin

How to draw a penguin. Penguins come in many variations and species worldwide, but one thing remains the same: they’re still cute! With their tuxedo colors and goofy gaits, it’s easy to see why so many love these quirky birds. Due to their popularity, penguins have been featured in many movies, cartoons, paintings, and drawings. If you want to learn how to draw a penguin, this guide will be perfect for you!

We’ve created this fun step-by-step guide on drawing a penguin to make this task more accessible and enjoyable! If you are looking for coloring pages, then you are at the right place because we share many types of coloring pages for kids like Christmas coloring pages, Halloween coloring pages, dog coloring pages, cat coloring pages, dragon coloring pages, horse coloring pages, and many more.

Drawing a penguin

Step 1:

We’ll start at the top in the first step of this guide. To start drawing the penguin, we’ll use a rounded shape for the head. The head will consist of two curved sheer lines connected by a lying line at the top. The development will be almost circular with no background, as shown in the reference picture.

Step 2:

Penguins have tiny, short wings that function more like fins than wings. They’re short and pointy to help propel them through the water, and we’ll be drawing them for this step of our how-to-draw a penguin guide. To give your penguin a drawing of its wings, you can use two curved lines that end in a dot, like the ones in the picture.

Step 3:

Your penguin picture has a head and branches, so now it needs a body. Penguins have solid and stocky bodies, and we’ll give you a round one. The body will begin just above the wings and extend below in a circular manner to form the body. Once you are happy with how it looks, you can move on to the next step.

Step 4: 

We will add some face and body details for the next step in our guide on drawing a penguin. For the eyes, we’ll use circular shapes with smaller circles inside, as seen in the reference image. Draw the little beak; we’ll use another circular shape with a pointed line inside. Two curved lines running from the beak to the top of the head will finish your penguin’s face. Finally, we’ll add details to the penguin’s belly using a long, curved line.

Step 5:

You have most of your penguin drawn at this point, so in the final steps, we’ll add some details to your penguin drawing. For this step, your penguin needs some styling so that you can draw a little crest on it. You can use a rounded three-point line to give her that crest on her head. You can also get clever with this part and convey your penguin another cute countenance using a different crest!

Step 6:

How to draw a penguin

You’ve nearly reached the end of this focus on how to remove a penguin, so for this next step, we’ll wrap up the drawing with some final points. Penguins have very short and stubby legs, so you can add a few feet directly to the penguin’s body for your penguin’s feet. These will be done with clean lines, as seen in the picture. Finally, you can use a few small lines on the body to add texture to your penguin. We show you how to add details, but you can also add your information!

Step 7: 

How to draw a penguin

It is the last step of your penguin drawing and can be the most fun of all the steps! You followed the guide to draw your penguin, but you can show your creative side in this step! Penguins aren’t known for their intense colors, as they mostly come in black and white. Despite this less vibrant color palette, there’s still room to get creative! For example, you can draw a fun background for your penguin.

Make your penguin drawing even better!

Have fun making your penguin sketch even better with these four tips we have for you! Adding more of these beauties to your penguin drawing might be fun. You can follow the steps in the guide again and draw as many as you want. By changing a few minor details on each penguin, you can make each one unique. If you want to stick with just one penguin, you can also make it more unique with some fun details. These can be realistic too! For example, you could give this penguin a hat and a scarf to make it even cuter.

Or you can change the pose or facial expression for a unique penguin. What other fun details could you add to this adorable drawing? There are so many ways to make it even more unique! When you have modified this penguin drawing to your liking, you can think of a fun background. It could be simple, like a snowy backdrop with lots of whites and blues. Or, you can create a more elaborate winter wonderland setting. It’s entirely up to you, and it depends on what kind of setup you have in mind. Try all your ideas, then see which one you like best!

Penguins are black and white, so they are not known to be brightly colored creatures. However, you can still have fun with colors! For example, if you add extra details, you can add more vibrant colors to those elements. Another way to achieve exciting colors would be to use fun and unique art tools and mediums. From paints to colored pens and pencils, you have so many options for coloring your penguin sketch!

Your penguin drawing is complete!

You’ve drawn your penguin, you’ve colored it, and that means you’ve reached the end of this guide on how to draw a penguin. This guide has been specially designed to make it easier for you to learn how to draw this adorable bird. These guides break it into several steps into simpler lines and shapes that come together to form one large drawing. We hope you had fun drawing your new penguin friend using this guide! However, following this guide is only part of the fun, as you can now use your creativity to put your spin on it!

There are many ways to do this, and once you get the hang of drawing, you can tweak specific details, like your penguin’s pose or facial expressions, to make fun variations. You can also choose fun backgrounds to draw on your picture to place your penguin in fun environments, and it can be fun to put it in settings where you wouldn’t usually see a penguin. There’s no limit to the creative possibilities of your drawing, and we can’t wait to see how you express yourself!

This guide is one of many we’ll be posting soon, so be sure to check back often so you get all of our step-by-step drawing guides. Finally, we’d love to see your finished penguin drawing, so be sure to share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see and enjoy!

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