Wed. Feb 1st, 2023
Bed Wetting

Excretion is a natural process; excretion not only helps people maintain the metabolism in one’s bodies but also helps in the assimilation of nutrients and ingestion of new nutrients. Because excretion is a natural process we have often heard people address the problem of urgency in the bladder as natures call. But what about the problem when excretion happens in unforeseen situations and also proves to be a point of embarrassment for us and those around us?

That is when people avoid drinking water to avoid going to the toilet, but people fail to realize that avoiding water is not the only way of avoiding such embarrassing situations, before understanding the problem of bed wetting we need to understand that the problem of bed wetting is different among adults and is different among children.


The problem of bed wetting in Adults 

The problem of bed wetting in adults usually occurs after the age one has retired from professional commitments and then often has time to invest in one’s wellness, but often during this age, we see young children coming to us complaining about the problem of bed wetting.

The causes for bed wetting in children are as follows:

  1. Blockage or obstruction in the urinary tract – The problem of bed wetting in the urinary tract and the ureter can lead to the abnormal passage of urine and also prove to be open at times when it is unwanted and unnecessary.
  2. Diabetes – One of the major reasons that people often tend to ignore is diabetes when it is diabetes the body becomes overladen with sugar, this tends to put a lot of pressure on the nephrons which results in uncontrolled emission of the urine at unwanted places.
  3. Urinary tract infection – The other major reason for the uncontrolled emission of urine is the urinary tract infection that might have developed as a result of aging or unhealthy food habits and lifestyle changes.


How to diagnose the problem of bed wetting in adults?? 

  1. Bladder augmentation – Bladder augmentation is one way in which the bladder is technically expanded more so that it can hold more urine than during the normal ranges, this is a surgical procedure and can take up to 6 hrs- 8 hrs and is also referred to as cysto plasty.
  2. Sacral nerve stimulation – Sacral nerve electrical stimulation is one way of electrifying and treating the nerves that lend impulses to the kidneys and the rectum. As per one of the best urologist in Punjab “The sacral nerves are messengers that bring in impulses from the brain and when the messages are not delivered properly then that are when it creates a problem.
  3. Detrusor Myectomy – Detrusor myectomy is a major surgery that involves the removal of the outer layer of the bladder to reduce the number of contradictions that happen during the time and the day. This problem gets solved to an extent because of the same, this usually makes use of resettling the bowel segments to limit the number of contradictions that were happening earlier.

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