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Bruxism is a dental disorder that causes people to grind their teeth while they sleep. It can become a severe dental problem, leading to the wearing down of one’s enamel. It might also cause severe headaches, tooth pain, jaw pain, and disturbed sleep. An excellent way to relieve Bruxism symptoms is wearing a night guard. Wearing night mouthguards helps to reduce the impact of the teeth grinding against each other. This ensures that the patient experiences fewer headaches, clenching, teeth grinding, and jaw pain.

How Often Should Patients Replace Their Night Guard?

There are several factors that determine when a patient should replace their night mouthguards. Ideally, night guards are to be replaced once they get old and show signs of wear and tear. These factors determine when to replace a night guard.

  • Age Of The Individual
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Wrong Use Of The Device
  • Consuming Food And Drink With The Night Guard

Age Of The Individual

Age is a crucial determining factor in how often people should change their night guards. For instance, people constantly moving their teeth makes the device more prone to wear and tear. Also, children are constantly growing, and so does their mouth. Therefore, children may have their night guard replaced more regularly than adults to accommodate their growth.

Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance is another crucial reason to change night guards for teeth. If the night guard is not well-cleaned, it can lead to bacteria growth on the device. When this happens, it increases wear and tear, causing the device to get damaged faster. It also gets the device infected, making it unfit to use. Washing night guards with hot water can weaken the plastic, creating a need for a replacement sooner than intended.

Wrong Use Of The Device

If bruxism night guards are wrongly used, they will wear and tear sooner than expected. For instance, wearing a soft night guard when a hard one is recommended can cause extra wear on the device. Once the night guard is damaged, it must be replaced.

Consuming Food And Drink With The Night Guard

Customized night guards are designed primarily to protect one’s teeth. Eating or drinking with them can weaken the material they’re made of, causing them to discolor and break.

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