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Wondering how far is grutas de tolantongo from tulum ? Kilometers, miles, and nautical miles conversion tool for the distance between cities. Travel distance from grutas de tolantongo to tulum. Distances are displayed in km, miles, and NM. Also, view grutas de tolantongo from tulum in google maps and bing maps.

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Grutas de Tolantongo from Tulum Distance

Grutas de Tolantongo is a natural cave system in Mexico, located about 40 kilometers south of Tulum. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Yucatan Peninsula.

  • The distance between Grutas de Tolantongo and Tulum is 1,591.2 km (957.9 miles).
  • The nearest airport to Grutas de Tolantongo is Cancun International Airport which is 463.8 km (288.7 miles) away.
  • The nearest airport to Tulum is Merida International Airport which is 599.3 km (373 miles) away.

Visit Tolantongo from Tulum by Car or Bus

You can visit Grutas de Tolantongo from Tulum by car or by bus. The road to the caves is well marked, so it is not difficult to find.

The closest town from where you can start your trip is Tulum, which is about 30 kilometers away. From there, you can take any of the following options:

By car: The road is paved and in good condition for driving. It takes about half an hour to arrive at the caves from Tulum. The entrance fee for cars is $15 USD per person (children under 12 are free).

By bus: There are several companies that offer transportation from Tulum to Tolantongo and vice versa. The bus ride takes about one hour each way and costs $5 USD per person (children under 12 are free). Visit our guide to traveling between Cancun and Playa del Carmen by bus for more information.

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