Wed. Feb 1st, 2023
How Does Instagram Help Grow Business

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing platform that was launched in early 2010 to provide people a platform to connect across boundaries and also engage people about the changes happening in their lives to create more and more social media reach.

But what is it that makes Instagram a really popular choice, before diving into the answer to this question let us understand the history behind the nomenclature of the name? A very well-known digital marketing agency in Sydney brings out a story” Instagram when first sent for its test trials was named Burbn. The reason being the founder Mr. Kevin systorm was very fond of whiskeys, however, since the date of its launch the app has gone through several changes and thus has been a popular choice among users across the globe. “

Because Instagram has a very dedicated survey team that tries to find out the actual need of the customer to provide them with something that they have been looking for. The need for recreation through technology and tech-savvy apps when the technological revolution was taking place was a major reason for Instagram to introduce the feature of sticker feature face apps to let people animate their facial features. This feature of Instagram was however copied by a game that was launched by Facebook which said “Cartoon yourself”.

However, this particular feature of stickers gradually opened the doors to a newer version of introducing Instagram filters in the year 2017 post which the downloads of the app shot up unanimously. Let us discuss a few features that Instagram introduced as filters to keep the audience engaged.

Features that Instagram engaged to keep the audience engaged 

  1. Boomerang – The Boomerang feature on Instagram was a clip that was run repeatedly to and fro in a repeated fashion to create a fun-filled motion of a particular activity.
  2. Reels – post the Covid 19 pandemic and the app TIK TOK being banned from several nations because of its Chinese origin is what compelled Instagram to introduce a feature known as reels very similar to the format of short-span content videos the reason which Tik Tok was generally famous.
  3. Find creators –As per a digital marketing company In Ludhiana “The latest development that Instagram has done in its software is to introduce the find creators marketplace that has proven to be an interface between the people wishing to promote a product and a content creator who has been wishing to carve a niche for oneself in the digital space. “
  4. Partners Inbox – The Instagram partners inbox is a feature that helps creators get noticed by brands and businesses in the digital space, this feature can be turned on by the creator, once a brand sends you a partnership message the partnership inbox shall open next to the general tab of the app. This feature of the partnership inbox is also one of the prime factors for creators who wish to create their worth via the digital space.

How does Instagram help businesses??

  1. Brand awareness – Instagram is a great space for people wishing to build brand awareness and also generate an organic presence with minimal investment in digital presence.
  2. Boost sales – Instagram is a great way to keep your audience engaged and also keep the audience informed about the latest developments in one’s venture.
  3. Track audience – Instagram helps people track their audience in the form of followers, likes, and views which when done on a large scale can be used for monetary gains as well.

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