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MOT Birmingham Test!

For your automobile to stay completely functioning and to prevent any potential issues that might cause major harm to you or the car, regular maintenance is essential. Regular Car Service Birmingham and taking your car in for its MOT as needed can keep it in top condition and reveal any potential problems down the road.

Because many car owners do not understand the distinction between car service and MOTs, a vehicle may not pass the proper testing, which might eventually mean that the legal requirements are not strictly fulfilled. To clear up any misunderstandings, this article will describe what automobile service and MOT processes comprise.


When a car or motorbike is more than three years old, all owners are always required by law to comply with this requirement. Additionally, it is frequently required for vehicles with nine to twelve passenger seats with at least one seat belt per passenger, such as cabs and ambulances, that are over one year old.

The objective of an MOT is to determine if a vehicle complies with specific safety criteria. Tested car components include:

  • Condition of the windscreen
  • Seat belts
  • Tyres
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Suspension

Following testing, if a vehicle is on the verge of failing to meet the required standard, the technician may issue an “Advisory” notice, which the owner must act upon immediately. If your car fails its MOT test, you may leave it at the testing facility to get it fixed up to code and often get a free retest.

Keep track of the MOT status by checking online whether you are the owner, registered keeper, or are thinking about purchasing a car. The status check will validate the date and mileage of the most recent test as well as the test’s expiration date.

It’s crucial to remember that driving without a valid test certificate can result in a maximum punishment of £1,000; as a consequence, you should frequently check your car’s MOT to avoid the possibility of paying a charge.


It is up to you to decide whether to do this in combination with an MOT, which is not required by law, in order to identify any possible issues with your car and address them before they become serious ones. In order to maintain your car’s dependability, safety, and functionality, regular servicing is necessary. The greatest chance for an effective and safe drive throughout the year is to have your car serviced every six months, either before or after an MOT. This will ensure that your automobile is regularly tested by a specialist.

The technician looks for obvious issues, tops off the fluid and oil, and changes the filters during an intermediate or basic service. The brakes will be normally disassembled and checked as part of a comprehensive service for a more in-depth inspection. Verify exactly what will get covered when scheduling your automobile for maintenance with a garage because services might vary and you risk spending a significant sum for repairs.

How Do I Schedule The Right Service including An MOT?

You do not require a “Full” or “Major” service when scheduling an MOT.

Your brakes should be thoroughly tested, and you definitely need to change your oil and oil filter (this improves dependability and fuel economy).

This is crucial because even if your automobile passes its MOT brake test, the brakes might not have a year’s worth of usage remaining in them. This may also show internal leaks or issues that must get rectified for your safety.

Depending on the vehicle’s service schedule, service history, and use over the previous year, your automobile may require additional maintenance.

It’s Important to Perform Service Before an MOT!

Some mechanics advise performing the service first to guarantee the car passes the MOT when you require both an oil change and an MOT test simultaneously. This strategy has our skepticism, and you should too.

Your repair price may increase if a car gets repaired first in order to assist you in passing the MOT test. In this case, failing to test everything covered by the MOT twice (once during service before the MOT and once more during the MOT) would constitute a violation of MOT requirements. The few MOT inspections that weren’t performed as part of the service are the only ones they really perform.

What is the Remedy?

We always advise having your MOT Birmingham test performed before having your car serviced. This makes it difficult to assert that items like brake pads need replacing when they actually don’t.

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