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Summary: The following guest post offers information about mental health. Mental health counselors can help treat mental health conditions and other sources of distress, such as relationship problems or bereavement. The counselor assesses and treats mental and emotional health disorders, relationship issues, and life challenges.

Even though mental illness affects millions of families in the U.S. alone, it is one of the least discussed topics amongst American families. Many families have even described it as a taboo subject in their homes.

But mental illness is a severe disease not unlike cancer or ALS that attacks the sufferer’s body. And just like any other disease, it needs special treatment in the form of mental health therapy. Here are the facts about mental health counselor Fairfax County that you probably did not know.

Mental Illness is Not a Personal Failing

The first thing to know is that if you have a mental illness, it does not mean you are flawed. Mental illnesses are typically caused by hormonal imbalances that cannot be controlled by sheer force of will. An illness of this form is no one’s fault and in no way makes the patient inferior. Some of the brightest people in the world also had mental illnesses.

Conditions Are Usually Impermanent

Often, a person suffering from anxiety, depression, or panic attacks is suffering due to a situational circumstance. For instance, they are dealing with their grief at losing a loved one. If not appropriately expressed, that grief becomes bottled up and transforms into clinical depression.

However, by getting treatment, most patients can recover from their condition completely. The key is getting help early. Because any intensely depressive episode in your life can lead to more in the future, making the condition chronic.

Asking for Help Isn’t Shameful; it’s Strong.

As mentioned previously, a mental illness is no different from a bodily disease. If you knew someone with cancer, would you tell them not to seek Help? Or were they making too big of a deal of the issue and needed to get over it? Of course not. Suppose you know someone who is encouraging them and supporting them in getting Help.

Often it takes a little nudge from a trusted friend before someone will ever even admit they have a problem and seek out Help for their condition. You may have to offer to help them schedule the appointment and take them to the first few sessions, but doing so may save their life.

The Possibilities are Endless

Most mental illness treatments take the form of simple outpatient visits, usually an hour long and only once or a few times a week, depending on the need. In addition, you may work with a Licensed Social Worker, a Clinical Professional Counselor, or an EMDR therapy in Fairfax County expert.

These professionals play the therapist’s role in one of many different types of therapy, from group therapy to individual psychotherapy or talk therapy, Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and others. Sometimes a variety of treatment options are used in conjunction with one another.

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Keep Body Healthy

Poor physical health can outcomes in difficulties with mental health. Conversely, the better you feel physically, the better you’ll feel psychologically.

Make it a habit of regularly exercising, and it does not necessarily have to be in a gym; you can go for a run or walk your dog. Swimming is also a suitable exercise method. Whatever it gets, your body moves, and your heart rate up. Exercising releases endorphins and makes you feel great, relaxed, and at ease.

Challenge Yourself

While having too much anxiety in your life is negative, having too little can be harmful. We all need a certain amount of challenges, which is a healthy type of stress, to thrive and stay healthy. If your life lacks any challenge, create some.

Once you have overcome specific challenges or reached a goal, it will give you that rush of excitement and a feeling of accomplishment. Then, develop an aim to strive to meet it. There will most definitely be some anxiety and challenges, but it will be well worth it once you accomplish those.

Learn How to Deal with Stress Effectively.

Most of us have self-soothing habits that might seem practical but fail to address the cause of stress. Instead, some of us deal with stress in the methods that make the situation worse. For example, if you’re financially stressed, eating a tub of ice cream will still leave you broke, but you’ll also gain weight. Activities such as exercising, spending time with a friend, or reading a book are great options for lowering stress.

Make time for yourself where you can unwind and relax. Stressing over something you have no control over is not healthy and does not help resolve the problem or issue.

For example, if you have money issues and worry and stress about it, it will not solve the problem; it only causes you to stress out even more. Instead, take a deep breath and develop a plan to decrease your expenses in certain areas to have money for more important things.

Practice the Art of Forgiveness

Anger and grudges accomplish little. Instead, people put you in a vicious mental cycle that degrades your sense of well-being. Every second people are angry or upset is a second you’re unhappy. Take things as a lesson learned and move the dwelling on the things that happened in the past.

Instead, learn how to quiet your mind. Your mind rarely gets a rest, not even while you’re sleeping. All night long, you’re likely tossing, turning, and dreaming. There are many ways to rest your mind: praying, meditating, and practicing mindfulness are just a few.

Our Brains are Restless.

They’re constantly thinking, predicting, and remembering. Even if you don’t notice that you are thinking about something, your subconscious mind never stops thinking. Learn how to control yours. Meditation can help you learn how to quiet down your mind. It may take a few tries because our minds keep wandering off and don’t want to be quiet, but you’ll get there with practice.

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