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Shock wave therapy is a non-invasive medical treatment that uses high-energy sound waves to stimulate healing in parts of the body, including the feet. It is also known as extra corporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT). SWT has gained popularity as a treatment for foot-related conditions.

During a shock wave therapy session for the feet, a healthcare professional applies a gel to the affected area to boost the transmission of shock waves. A device delivers the shock waves to the targeted area in controlled pulses. The treatment may cause pressure or mild discomfort but is generally tolerable. The duration and frequency of the treatment sessions depend on the specific condition and the podiatrist’s recommendations.

Note that shock wave therapy may not be suitable for everyone. It is after conservative treatments, such as rest, physical therapy, or orthotics, fail to provide adequate relief. Consult a qualified podiatrist to assess your condition and determine the appropriate treatment approach.

Shock wave therapy for plantar fasciitis costs varies depending on various factors such as the geographical location, the healthcare provider, the number of sessions required, and the type of insurance coverage you have, if any. Without specific information about your location or insurance coverage, it is a challenge to provide an accurate estimate. Additionally, check with your insurance provider, to determine if shock wave therapy is covered by your plan and to understand any potential out-of-pocket expenses.

Musculoskeletal conditions treated by shock wave therapy:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation and micro-tears in the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot. SWT stimulates blood flow, promotes tissue healing, and reduces pain associated with plantar fasciitis.
  2. Achilles Tendinopathy is the inflammation or degeneration of the Achilles tendon.SWT is used to treat chronic Achilles tendonitis or tendinos is to stimulate cell regeneration and promote healing in the affected area.
  3. Heel Spurs are bony outgrowths that develop on the underside of the heel bone, often causing pain and discomfort. SWT may be used to reduce pain and inflammation associated with heel spurs.

Prioritize your health and consult with a podiatrist to determine the best course of action. Schedule a visit with our skilled podiatrist at DeNiel Foot & Ankle Center. Our doctor will provide the care you need.

Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) Is Used For:

  1. Non-invasive treatment meaning it does not involve surgical incisions or the use of needles. Itis appealing to individuals who prefer non-surgical approaches or want to avoid potential risks associated with invasive procedures.
  2. Pain Relief for plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathy. The high-energy sound waves stimulate tissue regeneration and improve blood circulation, alleviating pain and discomfort.
  3. Limited Side Effects make it safe and well-tolerated. It has fewer potential side effects compared to surgical interventions or long-term medication use.
  4. Potential Avoidance of Surgery may offer an alternative to surgery. It can be considered a conservative treatment option before exploring invasive measures.
  5. Improved foot function and mobility by promoting tissue healing and reducing inflammation. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who experience limitations in their daily activities due to foot pain or conditions.

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