Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Bitcoin and crypto have been making more headlines in recent years. Perhaps its one of those things that you would like to have been involved with but you feel like the moment has passed.


But wait! It’s most not too late to get involved and invest in crypto. With so many ways you can take your first steps in crypto, it’s a shame not to try right now. 


We know that cryptocurrency can seem a bit tricky and maybe technical. Which can sometimes put off people who want to invest. But there are many easy ways to get started with crypto.


Check out our ideas for easy ways to get started in crypto.


Choose an exchange


The easiest way to start investing in cryptocurrency is to use a user friendly exchange such as Coinbase. As one of the easiest exchanges to use, Coinbase makes it very easy to deposit and investt in a big selection of cryptocurrencies.


No need to master anything technical, simply deposit your money and choose your coin to buy.


Some people don’t like Coinbase but there are plenty of other easy to use crypto exchanges such as Nexo, Amon, and BlockFi.


Earn Free crypto!


Hey really?? Like, really free? Yes, there are plenty of places where you can get free crypto currency. Although this won’t be the type of money to pay the rent, it can be a fun way to take your first steps into crypto.


Back to, Coinbase, they actually give free crypto for people who take a moment to learn about projects. For example, answer 5 questions about a project and earn $10 worth of tokens.


There are also games that pay in crypto and other ways to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency rewards.

Another way to make free crypto is to refer people to exchanges that you already use. Almost all of them offer an incentive to get your friends investing too.


Check out this list of great places to earn free crypto.


Free NFTs


If crypto is a bit too crazy for you, you could start with NFTs instead. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are collectible items based in the blockchain. An NFT can be any form of artwork or document that is stored in a blockchain, and can be traded for crypto on marketplaces such as OpenSea or Rarible.


NFTs have become very popular recently, but did you know you can easily claim free NFTs online?


Search on platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Discord or Facebook for free NFTs. You might be surprised by what you find.


Sell your old stuff for crypto


If you’re not ready to put your money into crypto, there are other ways to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins. You can sell your old stuff and claim payment in crypto. Yup, just like eBay.


At the moment new platforms are springing up, such as Ethair, where you can list items and get paid in crypto. It remains to be seen if this will become a viable way to earn crypto, but it’s possible that eBay and Amazon will most likely accept crypto soon.


Earn crypto


There are a growing number of freelance platforms, similar to Fiverr or Upwork that pay in crypto currency. So if you want to earn your crypto, there are lots of choices. Search online for crypto freelance sites.


There are genuine job sites, such as CryptoGrind and XBT Freelancer.


But you can also find jobs that pay crypto on Reddit, for example on r/Jobs4Bitcoins. Or on Twitter and Linkedin.


Buying crypto for the long term


There is a culture of people who feel that crypto is a way to get rich quickly. Yes, it’s truth that some people have made fortunes from investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. But the truth is that for most people it isn’t that easy. Looking at crypto as a long term investment is the wisest option.


Like all investments, you should research your market first before committing any money. Of course, you might find the next Doge coin and manage to 100x your investment. But, more realistically, you will invest in a coin that will increase in value slowly and steadily over a number of years.


Find projects with real world use and with the potential for growth. Meme cryptos, such as those promising ‘to the moon’ are often worthless projects destined to turn to dust.


We hope this has helped you find a way to take your first steps in crypto currency!


Good luck and HODL!

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