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Indian Cuisine

India, when we say India ; the full form of the abbreviation that has lately happened for this term is an Independent nation declared in august. Apart from the fact that this beautiful and diverse country received its independence in August, there is something that has managed to resonate with people within the borders of the country and also non-residential Indians living abroad away from their families because of both professional and personal reasons.

Food is what we know is one of the basic physiological needs, the food is what connects people across states and also at the same time distances people across states and countries. Let us understand this using an example when we travel south of India one particular dish that has been at a central point across all south Indian states is curd rice, while in Telangana the dish is made with loads of red chillies, In Tamil Nadu, it is made up of rice that is native to that particular region. The bottom line is that though the ingredients may differ across regions the intrinsic soul of dishes remains the same.


But with the advent of Time and the effects of partition and colonisation, a few dishes of Indian Cuisine have been lost in the sand grains of time. One of them is Sindhi Cuisine. Before diving deep into the facts about Sindhi Cuisine let us first understand the fact of who was the Sindhi.

Who were the Sindhis ?? 

  1. Sindhis entered the Indian province as refugees. Sindh is the geographical name for a province near Pakistan and Sindhis are people from this particular region, the major migration of the Sindhi community was only seen after the partition and during the British Raj.
  2. “Sindhis often have been equated with Punjabi but there is a lot of difference between the two communities. The name Sindhi comes from the Sindhu river that was native to ancient India, the Sindhis settled down in Mumbai, Gujarat and Ajmer and to date these cities have the largest population of this community” explained an avid food reader who has been running his Indian restaurant in Cranbourne.

Sindhi Cuisine and the various popular dishes 

  1. Speaking Sindhi Cuisine has a lot of similarities with the Pakistani Cuisine a few popular dishes of Sindhi Cuisine include Dal Bhaji, Aloo Tuk, Sindhi Kadhi, and Sindhi Papad however the soul of Indian cuisine is not complete without the dish we all know as Macaroni, Sindhi’s have been making this popular ever since there invasion.
  2. The most popular dessert in Sindhi Cuisine is “Mitho Lolo ” which is a flat bread which is made with flour and jaggery and gently slow-baked.
  3. As a very popular restaurateur who has been advising a lot of Indian restaurants in Narellan explains “The Muslim Sindhis however prefer to have meat only when it is Halal but the Indian Sindhis post the migration when initially chose to settle in Gujarat, have an impact of the Gujarati way of eating food which is where the concept of vegetarianism seeped into their kitchens”.

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