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The Continental brand name has become synonymous with the production of high-quality tyres in Germany. In the year 1871, the company began operations as a rubber producer. As of right now, Continental is the 4th biggest tyre provider in the whole globe. Continental Tyres Ashford are original equipment (OE) on several high-end vehicles produced by companies including BMW, Porsche, and Ford. If you are looking for Continental tyres for your car, you need not seek any far than our facilities. We are a well-known auto facility that has a comprehensive inventory of Continental tyres in our inventory. Would you like to purchase Continental tyres on the internet? Stay away from the inconvenience of going to a garage. Place your order with us immediately for a pair of Continental tyres. Please include the vehicle registration number or the tyre width. After that, choose the many tyre designs that are available to you. The following is a selection of the most well-known Continental automobile tyres that we stock:

Continental’s selection of summer tyres

Continental’s summer tyres include a tread composition that is more abrasive, a shallower tread thickness, and a GreenChiliTM composition that is specifically for summer use. On both dry and slick terrain, these variations deliver exceptional control and turning precision. The GreenChiliTM composition provides better efficiency and a lower friction coefficient. 

Continental’s Winter Tyres

Additionally, these tyres include extra channels and sipes as well as gentle tread compositions. These tyres are great for usage on routes that are icy or slippery. On slippery courses, they provide exceptional grip, handling, and braking ability. The one-of-a-kind tread pattern helps to reduce the likelihood of the vehicle hydroplaning on icy winter routes.

Tyres manufactured by Continental that are suitable for use in all seasons

You can improve the effectiveness of your vehicle’s grip, steadiness, turning, and handling year-round by equipping it with all-season tyres from Continental. These tyres have a tread thickness that is somewhere in the middle, a design that is all their own, and a rubber composition that has been specifically developed to give them longer tread longevity. We have gained a wealth of knowledge through years of industry service, and one of those lessons was that our clients have varying interests in the types and manufacturers of tyres they purchase. In addition, not everybody is willing to invest in pricey tyres. Because of this, we have tyre brands across a variety of best-selling luxury, mid-range, as well as cheap manufacturers so that you can shop with confidence knowing you will figure out exactly what you need here. Complete the transaction by shopping digitally. Simply use our online tyre locator to input the specifications of the tyres on your vehicle, and then proceed to make your purchase. You may alternatively give us a ring to schedule a date for the installation to take place in our facility.

Tyre types

Summer tyres

We provide you with summer tyres from some of the most popular manufacturers around the globe. These versions have a harder rubber composition that is of a higher grade and a tread thickness that is less than it was originally. It increases the amount of road surface area that the tyres have. In addition to that, its sturdiness, adhesion, and grip are incomparable.

Winter tyres

Our winter tyres are also available in custom silica-infused delicate formulations for better traction on ice and snow. Additionally, these winter tyre types provide unparalleled resilience to aquaplaning thanks to their enhanced tread thickness and broad groove design.

Tyres suitable for use in any weather

In addition, we provide an unrivalled selection of all-season tyres for commercial sale. It has a groove design and treads thickness that is both in the middle of the spectrum. The tread composition is also in the middle. If you travel fewer miles per year and wish to save the inconvenience of replacing your tyres every year, these versions are the perfect choice for you to utilise. In addition to this, we also provide you with a selection of different tyres suitable for your car. You don’t need to look any farther; just take a trip down.

Labelling of automobile tyres was among the essential laws that the European Union began enforcing in 2012 to raise consciousness regarding the security of automobile tyres. It is currently a criterion to engage in the business of supplying tyres in the United Kingdom. In addition, the new regulations in 2018 will necessitate labels, which will include information on the snow efficiency and fuel economy of a tyre. In this light, it is very necessary for people who own cars to make use of facilities that are both reputable and authorised to get new tyres for their vehicles. We offer a large stock of tyres that could meet the needs of a wide range of seasons as well as different types of terrain. In addition, as required by the laws enacted by the administration of the United Kingdom, every set of tyres that we provide here at our facility has an EU label that has received a high rating, and this helps to guarantee that your automobile meets the highest possible safety requirements. Please contact us for any more questions about Tyres Ashford or to set up an appointment.

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