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In the current times, having a simple and plain painted wall is not enough to make a nice impression and an inviting look for your guests. Homeowners need something that looks stylish, suits their personality and taste, and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket as well. The most impressive addition you could do to your home is to stone-clad your walls.  

What is Wall Cladding? 

An outside layer of natural stones that is affixed to an existing retaining wall or building structure is called wall cladding. The purpose of a wall cladding is to add aesthetic appeal and defend the underlying structure from outside stresses. The underlying wall is protected from physical forces such as heat, wear and tear, colour fading, moisture absorption, and dust buildup. Depending on the advantages you want, cladding can be done both inside and outside. For interior spaces, cladding serves as a decorative accent or statement wall, giving the room a magical feel. 

There are a variety of series available in the market when it comes to stone claddings. This article is all about Stacked Stone Wall Cladding and everything you should know about it.  

What is Stacked Stone Wall Cladding? 

Stones are stacked on top of one another in stack stone cladding, a ready-to-install wall covering. They get their name from this stacking. They resemble brick walls and draw attention more to the horizontal than to the vertical seams. Natural stone veneer is made up of rectangular stripes that are uniformly distributed on a mesh. When the placing of the stones is even and tidy, the arrangement or pattern might be symmetrical. Another configuration is asymmetrical when the stack stones are placed unevenly and haphazardly. Both motifs are available in a range of hues and textures. 

A decorative covering created from natural stones is referred to as stone cladding. The stones like granite, sandstone, limestone, etc. are cut into precise measurements and then put on the walls using powerful glue. On a variety of walls, including concrete, cement, or steel walls, the stone cladding texture can be designed. 

The best places to put a Natural Stacked Stone Cladding in your home 

Let’s discuss some places in your home where you can put stacked stone wall cladding to create an everlasting impression and design your space with timeless beauty.  

Deck up your patio with Stacked Stone Cladding 

If you are looking to recreate your patio or make a new one in your house, you should consider putting stacked stone wall cladding along the boundary walls, barriers, and underneath the stairs and contrasting the colour with the natural stone tiles used for paving the patio.  

Create aesthetic drama on your staircase with Stacked Cladding 

It is one of the best places in your home where you can use stacked stone wall cladding which adds a pinch of elegance and offers a standout design feature like no other! In addition, use a contrasting colour of stacked stone panels on your floor.  

TV units never looked that amazing before 

Stacked Stone Cladding around the TV unit is a vibrant idea and amazing addition to your living room’s appeal and look. The light colour natural stones as stacked wall cladding are recommended for TV units.  

Create an everlasting impression by Stack Cladding your front elevation 

Your front of the house needs to make an impression and the best way to assure this is to use Stacked Stone Wall Cladding which is durable and creates an amazing look to the façade area.  

Bathrooms should miss the hint of Stacked Stone Wall Cladding 

Refurbish your existing bathroom or create a new one with Stacked Stone Wall Cladding in dark to mid-dark colour options to elevate the look and create a style statement.  

Kitchen walls look amazing with Stacked Stone Wall Cladding 

Since its very inception, Stacked Stone Wall Cladding are used in Kitchen which gives a subtle yet beautiful appeal to the kitchen area. Doing a light-coloured stacked stone wall cladding in the kitchen area creates a bold statement.  

Create exterior pillar designs with Stacked Stone Wall Cladding 

The fact that pillars support dwellings do not preclude them from being beautified, though. After all, they contribute to the front facade as well. Stacked Stone Wall Cladding pillars enhance the overall appearance of your home. 

Pros and Cons of Stacked Stone Wall Cladding 

Depending on your specific application, every building material has benefits and drawbacks. Here, we examine some of the benefits and drawbacks of natural stone cladding to assist you in determining whether it is the right choice for your project. 


  • the unparalleled splendour of nature 
  • its extraordinary toughness and lengthy lives 
  • a wide variety of stone types, colours, and styles are available. 
  • complementary to other materials like wood and concrete 
  • provides a variety of finish options to suit needs, making it suitable for usage in a variety of projects. 
  • It has a high level of insulation, which can help reduce the cost of heating and cooling because it can be used for several indoor and outdoor applications. 
  • It resists both weather and fire. 
  • Can be resistant to wear and scratches 
  • Potential to raise the value of your house Simple to maintain throughout the time 


  • needs a structural substrate, which can increase the price. 
  • Installation may be labor- and time-intensive. 
  • a more costly product than some alternative cladding materials 
  • Sealing is required for protection. 
  • Strong cleaning agents may damage the surface if used. 
  • if improperly put, can trap moisture beneath the covering, potentially damaging the stone 
  • Professional installation is recommended over do-it-yourself projects. 


Having a wall that is simply painted and plain is no longer sufficient to leave guests with a positive impression and an inviting appearance. Homeowners require fashionable items, that fit their personalities and tastes, and aren’t too expensive. The most impressive improvement you might make to your house is to cover the walls with stone. 

Modern homes like stack stone wall cladding because of their adaptability and worth as décor. A variety of styles can be created with wall claddings in the stack stone design. They are practical, attractive, and safeguard the underlying structure from harm. You have a limitless number of design possibilities for your home with a variety of colour and pattern selections. 

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