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port dwell time

Have you ever faced a high charge to hold your ships in a port? If yes, it can be because of port dwell time. This measurement affects the port performance a lot. Whether you are holding a ship in a port for a long time or a ship holds itself due to any natural disaster, the port’s performance varies a lot. Therefore, as an owner of a port or a manager of a port, you must know how to measure, maintain and decrease the port dwell time for your port reputation. So, to know more, keep reading.

What is port dwell time?

In simple words, port dwell time is when a ship spends a particular time in port, loading or unloading goods. This has a great impact on the overall port performance. Therefore, every port dweller must know how much time they should spend in ports to maintain their performance.

Effects of port dwell time

There are lots of effects of increasing port dwell time that can benefit you in numerous ways. Some of the effects are given below. So, let’s chem out.

Effect on supply chain

Port dwell time massively affects the overall supply chain of goods in ports. The calculation is so simple to understand. When a vessel stands in a port for loading or unloading goods, another vessel remains behind. If the port dwell time increases, the supply chain slows down automatically due to a lack of time management. Can’t understand what is said? Let’s explain.

For instance, Ship X comes to a port and stands over one night due to the loading and unloading of goods. Ship Y is just behind Ship X in seawater, waiting for the back of Ship X to take the position of Ship X. However, if the dwell time increases, ship Y can’t enter ports that stretch the supply chain. If you want some products hurriedly, you can’t get them as the port dwell time increases.


You surely know what inflation is and how it spreads throughout a country. But do you know that container delivery time also greatly impacts the causes of inflation? Yes, it is. Think keenly. The stocks will be limited if a ship fails to produce the required load in a port. The limited stocks lead to a price hike in society, and as a result, inflation happens.

For example, if a ship container supplies dry fruits from the middle-east countries and spends a lot of time in a port, the delivery time of dry fruits to the market increases. As a result, due to a lack of stock, the prices will be high, and inflation will occur. Thus, port dwell time and container delivery time greatly impact the daily product supply by the ships and vessels.

Increases logistic costs

Lastly, the logistics cost increases when port dwell time increases. The more a ship spends in a port, the more the prices will be due to the port charges. Many shipment and vessel managers ignore the factor and take the extra charges from people adding more cost to a specific product.

Therefore, as a concerned ship driver, a person must take care of container delivery time to save more money and keep the supply chain running. Besides, they must take care of such logistic costs, which, if not checked and stopped, can cost a lot of money.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, port dwell time greatly impacts the overall product supply chain. As a port manager, you can decrease the time with some strict rules applied in ports. It contributes to the seamless operation of the logistics industry.

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