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Home Renovation If you have ever dealt with a carpet beetle infestation, you are aware of the typical suffering that these pests can cause. And when you hire specialists for pest control in Dubai, you need to be sure to pick some highly qualified individuals who can help you identify the problem’s root cause and then get rid of it.

You could protect your home against these pests by using the following knowledge to identify the most common varieties of carpet beetles. Black carpet beetles: The mature black beetles have a body that is properly oval-shaped, shiny black or dark brown, and they often develop to be between 1/7 and 4/16 of an inch long.

The black carpet beetle larvae are often longer than the adults and appear golden to dark brown in colour. They have a long, slender body that is covered with stiff, dark hair.

In order to prevent them from infesting the surroundings with their unappealing appearance, it is crucial to eradicate them with the assistance of professionals for pest control in Dubai, UAE as they are also highly harmful to health. Furniture carpet beetles: These insects are merely 2/16 to 1/7 of an inch long and rather spherical in shape.

They typically have a mottled look, and their bodies are typically covered with scales of various colours. Additionally, the hue of their underside is white. This beetle’s larvae are primarily clothed in dark, stiff, and dense hairs.

Different carpet beetles: The adult beetle resembles the adult furniture carpet beetle in appearance because it is relatively spherical, develops to approximately 1/9 to 1/7 of an inch in length, and has a variety of coloured scales that give them a “spotty” appearance.


You should think about using the tips from for optimal results if you are interested in learning more about getting rid of these dangerous carpet beetles from homes and gardens. Their professionals are competent enough to lead you in the right direction.

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