Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

Vehicle brakes are crucial in safe driving if you’re on a trip, driving about town, or getting your MOT Redditch. So if everything were achievable, you would likely need to conserve the brakes. Knowing when and how to slow down properly helps keep them in excellent condition. Additionally, if you know how to maintain the brakes on the car, you can save money on repairs.

Do you believe that everyone knows how to reduce speed when driving? Use the five techniques listed below to put yourself to the test.

Methods to Expand the Range of the Brakes

The nuts and bolts of the braking system are similar whether you have outdated or more modern disc brakes. Brakes reduce the speed of the moving vehicle by converting the dynamic energy into heat through friction. That suggests some brake wear is typically present anytime you push the brake pedal.

The brake pads and rotors may last much longer than you might initially think by adhering to good driving habits and frequent brake maintenance! The techniques listed below can help you extend the lifespan of the brakes by hundreds or even thousands of kilometres and can get used now.

Brake Safely

Slowing down gradually is best for extending the life of the brakes. But how can “braking softly” appear in practice? This approach does not involve using the brakes less but rather using them less intensely.

Allow yourself sufficient time and space to proceed to slow down gradually. Additionally, avoid repeatedly stepping on and off the brake pedal or hitting the brakes repeatedly. Use these safe driving habits to make moderate slowing down a regular occurrence:

Search The Street Ahead

Make sure to maintain an eye out for the car in front of you. Before approaching them, open your eyes and scan the roadway for any dangers or anticipated obstacles.

Be Prepared For Other Drivers’ Activities

Pay attention to what other drivers are doing so you can react quickly and effectively. Pay close attention to any sudden path alterations, halts, or accidents.

Use The Turn Technique To Achieve A Safe Braking Position

The turning technique is a way to place the foot so you can use the pedal effectively. It operates straightforwardly: put the right foot’s point of impact between the brake and accelerator pedals. The foot’s ball must rest securely in the centre of the brake pedal. After this, maintain a solid heel position and extend the right foot in front of you to push any pedal.

Use Moderate Braking to Create Smooth Stops

Drivers should moderately slow down in addition to their turn strategy for gradual, smooth stops. This process could help to decrease brake wear.

This is How to Use Moderate Slowing Down to Produce a Smooth Halt When Driving:
  • So that the part of the foot may reach the brake pedal’s centre, place the right foot’s impact point on the ground.

  • Turn the foot forward while keeping most of the weight on the ground to press the brake pedal lightly.

  • Apply more force steadily until you sense the brakes making contact and the car begins to slow down.

  • To slow or stop the car, keep applying light pressure as necessary.

  • Adjust the brake pedal slightly before stopping to prevent the car from abruptly and forcefully bouncing.

Provide plenty of breathing room to yourself to enable a smooth, gradual slowing down. The less wear the stopping system is likely to experience, the slower you brake.

Learn Brake Hovering and Coasting

Coasting is another way to protect the brakes. Coasting is when you let go of the gas pedal without using the brakes, reversing the car. Similarly, erosion from the road typically causes the car to slow down without the brakes locking.

If you can see brake lights up ahead, coasting is an effective way to slow down before arriving at a complete stop. It’s best practice to keep the foot on the brake pedal when coasting so you can react quickly if you need to dial back suddenly.


Good driving practices might assist the automobile brakes to last longer, but it’s also crucial to have it maintained or checked frequently. You can rely on the professionals for all the brake repair Redditch and testing requirements, from brake repair and brake pad replacements to a detailed inspection. Make a reservation at the nearby service center right away!

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