Wed. Feb 1st, 2023
Egg Reduce After 30

The process of aging is inevitable, that is how the circulation of life is destined on this planet, people are afraid of aging because the society that we live in has put a lot of equity in aging, secondly, we are afraid of being wrinkled, ugly and unattended as time passes which is why we are afraid to age. The earliest signs of aging appear in the form of dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, losing muscle mass, graying of hair, etc.

But the physical and sexual characteristics of a person are largely determined by the role-play of hormones in the body, the hormones which are quite active during the reproductive ages of 12-35, and then scientifically it is noticed that the hormones tend to drop down which is why couples in their olden ages struggle to keep up the chemistry that had so far been a part of their love life.

Before coming to the process of aging let us understand does the ability to have children is also affected by the factor of age. The trend of marrying late and having kids late is often endorsed by celebrities and secondly, people focus on attaining financial stability before opting for any kind of responsibility.

A very well-known doctor at an IVF center shares his experience as he says “ The maximum cases that we receive for IVF in Punjab, the maximum is between couples of the age of 30-late forties. Yes, DNA damage is indeed inevitable after a certain age but a larger extent of bodily maintenance depends on the lifestyle and food habits of an individual”. Thus it is true deterioration happens but it is also true the deterioration can be reduced to a large extent by changes in lifestyle. “

Things to keep in mind for couples above the reproductive age 

  • Please avoid substance intake – Substance intake is one way of increasing the body’s accelerated aging process, people may argue about the therapeutic properties of alcohol, but I would say the same thing it is the amount that makes the difference the same alcohol when taken in minute quantities is medicine in liters leads to liver cirrhosis. 
  • Exercise regularly to keep sluggish metabolism at bay – The metabolic rate of people tends to slow down at an accelerated age after a certain age hence exercising regularly will help maintain the body fat percentage and thus reduce any kind of unwanted deposits into the body.
  • Have proper sleep – A very well-known medical advisor who has been overseeing and advising a lot o laparoscopic surgeries in Ludhiana explains “ the major cause of surgeries that we receive for infertility treatment is due to the accumulation of the excess amount of cortisol, cortisol a hormone which is released when there is an excess amount of stress in the body. Thus a person needs to get proper sleep to help the body recover from the muscle strain that has been happening the entire day.
  • There is no shame in consulting a doctor- Please understand a doctor is a person who is there to make your life better with pills and not just pile you up with bills hence it is always advisable to consult a well-known gynecologist and an IVF specialist if you are above the reproductive age and are looking for options.

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