Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

Car tyres would not be able to carry the weight of the vehicle without proper air pressure. Therefore, we can say that it is the air that bears the weight of your car but not the tyres.

Moreover, Continental Tyres Derby maintains their shape with the help of proper air pressure. Filling the tyres with air would not fulfil your objectives. You have to maintain a correct level of inflation while you drive your vehicle.

You do not need to go anywhere else to know about the correct inflation level for your tyres. Your user manual comes with all specifications about correct air pressure. Read this document and maintain correct air pressure.

In fact, we are not going to talk about the pressure of air in this blog. We will discuss the role of nitrogen in tyres. A lot of people prefer nitrogen in tyres, they talk usually about some benefits that nitrogen offers in tyres.

Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the pros and cons of nitrogen in tyres

Air is a mixture of gases like nitrogen and oxygen and it has water vapours as well. As you see, nitrogen is a pure gas that is dry in nature. A lot of experts prefer this gas for car drivers due to its inert nature.

However, other experts say that there will be no difference if you inflate your tyres with nitrogen or air.

Nitrogen is not going to save you from common problems like leakage, punctures, and blowouts. Moreover, you cannot avoid checking the inflation level regularly only because of the use of nitrogen. You will face the consequences of underinflation and overinflation with nitrogen in tyres as well.

Air consists of 78% nitrogen. This fact is also against the use of nitrogen. When we have air that has a larger percentage of nitrogen, the use of nitrogen seems useless.

Some experts take the cost into consideration as well. Air is free and it is easily available everywhere. On the other hand, not every service station has nitrogen. You have to pay if you find it in a garage.

These factors are important to consider but the use of nitrogen in tyres is increasing because of the following benefits.

Nitrogen has larger molecules than oxygen. Therefore, it takes a longer period of time to seep out. However, you have to check the inflation level regularly as you do when air is inside your tyres.

The nature of nitrogen is more stable than oxygen. Therefore, the increase in temperature is moderate when tyres have nitrogen.

The temperature of the tyre will decrease because of nitrogen. Therefore, tyres will serve your needs for a longer time if you inflate them with nitrogen.

Nitrogen will not promote rusting or corrosion in parts of your tyres since it is an inert gas.

Thus, you may use nitrogen in you have no problem because of the following issues:

Nitrogen is costly whereas air is completely free. However, you may use nitrogen in your car tyres if you are ready to pay a high cost for this gas.

Once you have filled your tyres with nitrogen, you have to add only nitrogen to your tyres. Mixing nitrogen with air will eliminate the chances of getting the benefits of nitrogen. However, it is not impossible to mix nitrogen with air.

Nitrogen is not available everywhere. Thus, you need a well-established infrastructure if you want nitrogen in your tyres.


According to some experts, a large part of air is nitrogen. Thus, using nitrogen is not different from using air. It is true but still. Air is not a pure gas but nitrogen is. moreover, nitrogen is an inert gas and its large molecules make the process of air loss slower in tyres.

Thus, there are surely some advantages that nitrogen offers for a car driver.

However, some arguments go in favour of air as well. Air is free and there is no need to develop an infrastructure to make it available for every car driver. On the other hand, nitrogen is costly and it is not still available everywhere. You would not be able to use nitrogen consistently if nitrogen is not available at every service station. You have to mix nitrogen with air to reduce its efficiency.

Thus, if nitrogen is available in your place easily and you can pay a high cost, you may fill your Car Tyres Birmingham with nitrogen without any doubt. On the other hand, using air would not make any difference. People have been using air for many years and they face no problem. So, we do not have any disadvantages of air. We have to consider the role of nitrogen only because of some advantages nitrogen.

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