Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

The MP5, produced in a wide number of variants, is one of the most popular SMG platforms that has ever been developed.

There are variants without stocks, with fixed stocks, and notably, as in the case of the MP5A3, with retractable stocks.

This is not really a platform you think about when you hear the term “gun fit.” That’s more or less reserved for precision, long-range rifle shooters, and sporting clays enthusiasts. But even in this arena, the gun fit makes a difference with respect to handling, accuracy, and more.

So whether you own a ZF-5, an MP5A3, or some other full-size MP5, and you’re wondering about gun fit, there may actually be some good reasons to swap out your MP5 stock.

The Importance of Gun Fit
Gun fit refers to how well a firearm fits the dimensions of a given shooter. Several dimensions impact gun fit, including comb height, length of pull, and in the case of handgun shooters, grip dimensions, material, and angle.

A gun that fits will improve recoil management, reduce shooter fatigue, and most importantly, will be easy to point accurately and instinctually. Consequently, gun fit is one of the most important influences on accuracy.

Your MP5’s stock, when adjusted according to your dimensions, should feel as though it fits and indexes comfortably. You should not have to overcompensate for features that do not support you.

As a result, the improved gun fit will also improve the following aspects of shooting.

Improved Ergonomics, Handling, Confidence
Better gun fit, which is partially attributable to the stock’s height and length of pull, can improve the overall ergonomics and comfort when it comes to handling a firearm.

In the case of the MP5, which is not shouldered in the traditional manner of firing a rifle or shotgun, comb height and length of pull are not concerns as serious as they would be in other shooting disciplines.

Nonetheless, an adjustable (or retractable) stock can still improve overall fit, handling, and confidence.

Greater Accuracy and Diminished Shooter Fatigue
Equipping your gun with a stock that fits you better and is more comfortable has practical implications, too.

The more naturally a gun fits you, the more instinctually you will be able to point it. When you are shooting a gun that fits, it is easier to develop good habits and form that correspond to greater accuracy.

In addition, a gun that fits you better will extract less effort and overcompensation from you, resulting in less fatigue – enabling you to enjoy more of your time at the range.

Where Can You Find a Quality MP5 Stock?
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It’s manufactured to genuine A3 specifications and features extremely durable construction with a steel-reinforced polymer shoulder pad. It’s also made with fit in mind, as it features a 4-position locking system that will enable you to get a perfect fit, or at least pretty close to it.

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