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While your car runs on the road at a high speed, it does not aim to beat others. The main aim of a normal car driver is to reach the destination safely. The performance of your vehicle should match this goal.

Bridgestone Tyres Derby has safety features that keep the driver and passenger secure on the roads. The tread pattern is one of these essential features. If tread pattern is not present in the car tyres, they will suffer to maintain proper grip and traction on roads.

The tread part touches the road surface directly. Therefore, it is natural that this part is essential for handling and safety features of car tyres. Therefore, you have to maintain proper tread depth in your tyres to have the proper benefits of the tread pattern.

The tread depth will affect the behaviour of your tyres in varied road and weather conditions. For example, winter tyres come with a deeper tread construction and they do well in cold weather because of this extra depth of the grooves. On the other hand, summer tyres, with a shallower tread depth, will struggle on the same surface in cold weather.

Therefore, you need to maintain the correct tread depth in your radials. If you drive your vehicle on bald tyres, you have to face negative results soon in the form of a reduced level of performance and road safety.

Usually, the tread depth performs the following functions in car tyres:

Stopping Distance:

This is the most vital function that the tyre tread depth will perform for the safety of your vehicle. If you drive your vehicle with the correct tread depth, your will be able to stop your vehicle at the correct distance.

In fact, there is a direct link between the tread depth and the braking distance. Therefore, if you drive a vehicle with bald tyres, your braking distance will increase at the same time.

Gripping Power:

While we talk about the performance and strength of car tyres, ignoring gripping power is just impossible. Your car moves stably on the road surface because of the road-holding capacity of your car tyres. This is the main feature of safe driving.

Therefore, driving with worn tyres usually leads to reduced gripping power of car tyres. Your vehicle may skid at any moment because of your bald tyres. The chances of skidding increase if you are driving your vehicle on a slippery and wet surface.

Performance in Unfavourable Conditions

You need proper grip and traction when you drive the vehicle on a wet or snowy surface. The role of tread depth is vital on such surfaces. A proper tread pattern with optimum tread depth will be able to scatter water efficiently to keep the tyres dry to avoid hydroplaning.

On the other hand, worn tyres will lose this ability to keep water away. As a result, the chances of hydroplaning or slush planning will increase to keep you always at risk on a wet or snowy surface.

  • As you see, the role of tread depth is really essential in the performance of your tyres.
  • Therefore, you need to check the tread depth regularly to avoid the negative effects of bald tyres.
  • Try the following steps to check the tread depth correctly.

There are two common ways to measure tread depth. If you need a simpler idea, you may use a coin to take your readings. If you wish to have more precise readings, you may use a tread depth gauge.

Let us look at these two main ideas:

Checking the Tread Depth by Using a Coin:

This is a quick and simple way to take the readings. Take a penny coin and place it in the tread groove. If you are able to see the head of the coin easily, your tyres are experiencing tread wear. Change your worn tyres immediately.

Checking the Tread Depth Using a Tyre Depth Gauge:

If you do not believe in guesswork and want to be sure about the tread depth, you can take the reading with the help of a tyre tread depth gauge. The minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm and this device will have the mark at this point to show the tread wear if your tyres are facing wear and tear.

You may assess the tread depth with the help of another idea. Nowadays, tyres come with tread wear indicators. These indicators are invisible when the tyre has an optimum tread depth. If you observe these tread wear indicators, you have to change your Tyres Derby as soon as possible.

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