Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

We take pride in being a leading child care in Calgary, offering a nurturing environment where children embark on exciting outdoor adventures and explore the wonders of nature. As a trusted daycare Calgary, our goal is to provide a holistic development experience for young adventurers. Through outdoor play and exploration, we aim to foster a love for nature and promote the overall growth and well-being of each child.

Nature’s Classroom: Embracing Outdoor Play

We believe that outdoor play is an essential aspect of a child’s learning journey. Our aim is to provide ample opportunities for children to embrace the wonders of nature as their classroom. From observing insects to discovering new plant species, every outdoor experience is a chance for young minds to learn and grow. We understand the value of hands-on learning, and outdoor play offers an array of educational opportunities.

Nurturing Curiosity and Creativity:

We recognize the importance of nurturing curiosity and creativity in children. Through outdoor play, we encourage young adventurers to be imaginative explorers. Whether they are engaging in imaginative play in our natural play spaces or creating stories inspired by their outdoor adventures, the freedom to explore nature stimulates their imagination, problem-solving abilities, and creativity.

Benefits of Outdoor Play:

Outdoor play provides numerous benefits for a child’s development. As they engage in physical activities like running, climbing, and jumping, they enhance their gross motor skills and physical coordination. Moreover, interacting with nature promotes emotional well-being, resilience, and a sense of wonder. Our daycare Calgary ensures that children have access to a safe and stimulating outdoor environment to enjoy these benefits to the fullest.

Connecting with the Seasons:

Our child care in Calgary cherishes each season and its unique beauty. Whether it’s splashing in puddles during spring rains or building snowmen in the winter snow, we encourage children to embrace the changing seasons. This connection with nature helps them develop an appreciation for the environment and a deeper understanding of the natural world’s cyclical patterns.

Growing Green Thumbs:

Gardening is an integral part of our daycare experience. Our young gardeners learn to care for plants, witness the magic of growth, and develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Engaging in gardening activities fosters an appreciation for nature’s bounty and teaches children the value of nurturing and caring for living things.

Nature Walks and Field Trips:

To further enrich the outdoor experience, we organize nature walks and field trips to local parks and natural sites. These excursions allow children to explore and discover the diversity of the world around them. Each trip becomes an educational adventure, offering unique learning opportunities that spark curiosity and wonder.

Fostering a Love for Nature:

At Wonder Tales, we are committed to nurturing a love for nature in every child. By introducing young adventurers to the wonders of nature from an early age, we hope to instill a sense of environmental stewardship and respect. Our daycare Calgary strives to raise environmentally conscious and caring individuals who will grow up to cherish and protect the natural world.


Outdoor adventures are an integral part of our mission to provide a nurturing and enriching environment for children. Through outdoor play and exploration, we aim to kindle curiosity, creativity, and a deep love for nature in each young adventurer. As a leading child care in Calgary, our dedication to fostering holistic development ensures that every child’s journey is filled with memorable outdoor experiences that inspire a lifelong appreciation for the world around them. Join us in this enchanting world of outdoor adventures, where young minds flourish, and the magic of nature comes alive every day.

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