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Are you looking for ways to make your gift items more attractive by using gold foil packaging? Here are some unique design tips for you. Manufacturers use gold foil boxes to add a luxurious look to their gift items. What makes them elegant and attractive is a sheet of gold foil paper on their surface. They don’t just serve attractive purposes. This packaging is also reliable when it comes to protecting valuable gifts. Their high quality printing surface is the reason why they are mainly used for brand promotion. But making them attractive for products can be a bit difficult process as it requires some technique. Here are some basic tips for your distinctive design.

Maintain a Luxurious Look

Most gift packages are very expensive and valuable. Customers who buy them have unique tastes in their choice, which is why they need to put extra effort to improve product appeal. You can give your product that luxurious look by using a gold foil box for its presentation. This can be improved by printing these boxes using the latest printing techniques such as offset and digital. You can easily use them to create high quality layout and clean design. This technique works well to get excellent results with multiple color combinations. So you can choose any color and any texture that you think could look premium for your gift box style. Customers who expect high quality and valuable items from you will be amazed at the perfect use of your luxurious design.

Eye-Catching Fonts

Fonts can be a great companion when printing details onto your gold foil packaging. In doing so, however, you must think of the Scripture member who represents every aspect of your high-quality gift item. Even if you have hundreds of fonts to solve, do so until you find the best one. Make sure the font you choose doesn’t have a bold effect; otherwise, your written material will become muddled. Keep a thin font that minimally affects the eyes. After you have chosen the font, make sure you are using the correct font printing technique. Valuable packaging requires expensive printing equipment. So be sure to use techniques like stamping and embossing to get your font richly printed on your boxes. They allow you to print your logo and brand name on the top of the box.

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Attractive Work

Using quality printing and techniques like die-cutting sometimes doesn’t work because you may not have a large budget to invest in the design of your packaging solution. In this case, designing graphics with simple tools can be very helpful for you. This way you can show your creativity. Handmade artworks can also be attractive if you use perfect colors and fresh edges. Even if you accidentally placed smudges of color with brushes, it still looks amazing. When designing by hand, pay attention to the minimalist design and layout. Make cleanliness your priority when designing by hand as the print design is a bit cleaner. But you can use handmade design irregularities to place your creativity.


By using cut finishes and coatings, you can easily deliver your custom packaging shinier. Coating solutions such as UV stain, matte, gloss and embossing are some of the solutions that have proven to be very useful for packaging solutions in the past. With these solutions you get the perfect high-quality and glossy finish for your film packaging. With gift wrapping you basically have clients with a good budget so you can easily get an expensive cover for them as a high gloss. However, another reason for their use is that manufacturers want to protect their beautiful design from wrinkles and scratches. So, this technique can easily help them to create a protective layer around their premium design. Such solutions can be very expensive, so you need to make sure you invest less but don’t compromise on the quality you offer your customers.

Velvet Lamination

You can learn more about the velvet lamination by touching a soft-touch print. This is because both are the same in many ways. The velvet lamination you receive is a wonderful protective layer around your printed design, allowing you to extend the life of your packaging

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