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Connection Between Banana And Male Erectile Dysfunction

Banana information is probably available everywhere if you search for erectile dysfunction in blogs.

There is no question that consuming fruits and vegetables improves general health. But what about bananas helps with recurring erectile dysfunction?

We’ll examine your diet and the nutritional content of bananas to find out.

Then, we’re going to highlight a few elements that could help your erections.

You will also read about a few other advantages of bananas in the final section.

Nutrient content in bananas

In addition to being delicious, bananas are also nutritious and contain a variety of vital components. Although there is a minor diversity among the several banana varieties, the Cavendish kind is the most prevalent. The ripe banana initially seems green but soon takes on a yellow appearance with black blotches.

One medium-sized Cavendish banana has about 23 grams of carbs, 2.6 grams of fiber, and a negligible amount of protein and fatty acids.

Each medium banana provides the following nutrients in addition to 89 calories:

  • up to 8% of your daily recommended potassium intake
  • Approximately 8% of the daily magnesium recommendation
  • 10% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C
  • B6 intake that is up to 31% of the daily recommended amount

In addition to having a wealth of bioactive components, such as flavonoids, which the body uses to produce antioxidants and other beneficial compounds, it also contains vital vitamins and minerals.

Tryptophan, an amino acid, is also present in bananas. This one is a precursor to the feel-good hormone dopamine, a neurotransmitter.

Bananas also contain enzymes unique to them, such as maltase and amylase. When mixed with oats and other complex carbohydrates, they can aid in the digestion of a number of nutrients.

Bananas: Do they aid erectile dysfunction?

You can learn that bananas contain bromelain if you read regular blog entries about it elsewhere. And finally, bromelain makes males have more libido. However, that is a misconception that is exclusive to the internet. This assertion is not supported by any scientific data at all. For Erectile Dysfunction you can use Cenforce 100.

Bananas are also known to contain cysteine protease inhibitors. They prevent the gut’s bromelain, papain, fiction, and other enzymes from working. Therefore, the widely held misconception that bananas contain bromelain is untrue.

Does this imply that bananas have no effect on erectile dysfunction?

Possibly not. Bananas are a very beneficial fruit to include in your diet of fruits and vegetables. It contains tryptophan, flavonoids, potassium, and B vitamins, as you can see from the list above.


In the body, including the penis, antioxidants lessen oxidative stress. Your penis’ blood arteries may be shielded from atherosclerosis by them.

Antioxidants slow down the rapid formation of a fat plaque. As a result, we can rule out it as a cause of erectile dysfunction as your penile blood flow is unaffected. You can get a long-lasting erection using Fildena 100 and Fildena double 200


We advise consuming fruits and vegetables because of their flavonoid content, among other things. There is a banana count.

According to studies, your risk of developing erectile dysfunction decreases the more flavonoids you ingest.


A precursor to dopamine is tryptophan. This hormone has a role in more than merely maintaining a positive mood.

It mediates the erectile response during the sexual act. In other words, it assists your brain in transmitting the signals that result in an erection.

So eating foods high in tryptophan eliminates a different erectile dysfunction trigger.


Because they contain a significant amount of potassium, people frequently eat bananas to enhance their consumption. You need this element to maintain your blood flow and control your blood pressure.

In and outside of the cells, it maintains the water equilibrium. The corpus cavernosum needs a lot of potassium while an erection is occurring. Ion pumps, which are typically harmed as we become older, are what take it in.

B vitamins

Even Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors fail to cure erectile dysfunction in some circumstances. Patients’ metabolic issues are the source of this erection interference.

Folic acid and vitamin B6 can help in these situations to resolve the issue and aid in erection development. Bananas include both of these vitamins and minerals.

We cannot claim that the solutions to the aforementioned problems are found in bananas. But if you combine them with a balanced diet and exercise, they might be helpful.

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