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Condo living offers advantages and disadvantages. It features many on-site amenities like a pool, gym, playground, 24-hour security system, and meeting spaces. It costs less than single-family homes and needs less upkeep and maintenance.

Condos are tiny, which is a drawback. You need more space to accommodate as much furniture as you want. You can still personalize it with decorations, though.

The living room is a fantastic spot to give your condo personality because it’s where you may host visitors, watch TV, and more. Elevating your living room can improve the aesthetics and comfort of your condo.


How to Decorate Your Condo Living Room

Decorating your condo living room might be daunting, particularly if you need to know your preferred interior style. Here are some pointers to get you started.


  1. Add indoor plants

Your living space can be improved by indoor plants, which also have several health advantages. It aids in stress reduction, focus clarity, accelerated recovery from illness, and increased productivity. There are numerous indoor plants from which to choose. Among the options, the options include succulents, ferns, palms, pictures, and philodendrons.


Indoor plants typically require little care. Remember to water the potting soil frequently, check that the plant pot has drainage holes, and set it up close to a light source. If your indoor plant has particular needs, conduct extra research.


  1. Invest in furniture with several uses.


Space-saving furniture for your living area can be found in multi-purpose pieces. You can choose a TV stand with storage and shelves for displaying books, artwork, and other adornments. For overnight guests, a sofabed, a storage ottoman that also doubles as a bench, and an adjustable table that can be used for both work and meals are further options.


  1. Choose a color palette.


Colors have a profound impact on how you live. For instance, painting your walls white can open up and brighten your living area. Different blue hues convey a fresh, energizing atmosphere or a more calming attitude. Yellow, meantime, may brighten up your living room.


Feel free to make stylish color selections for your home space. Colors can be used in decorations, painted on one side of a wall to create a centerpiece, or added to furniture.


  1. Use mirrors

Mirrors can add light and depth to your living room. You can lean an oversized mirror with a thin frame against your wall or hang a small one at eye level. You can also create a fully mirrored wall to create a tunnel effect in your space. This tip can help make your living room look like it has endless space.

  1. Mount your television to the wall.


Mounting your TV on the wall can help you create more living room space. It also saves you money on extra furniture, such as a TV stand. Wall-mounted TVs are also safer for children and pets because they won’t run into the corners of the appliance and the stand when playing.


Furthermore, wall-mounted TVs might benefit your back because they can be displayed at eye level, depending on your distance from the TV. If you use a full-motion bracket, you can even adjust the angle of your TV.


  1. Choose a couple of pieces of wall art.


If you want to add unique decorations to your living space, limit yourself to one or two pieces of statement wall art. Minimal decorations help to brighten and declutter your living room.


  1. Install more lighting


The lighting in your living area may contribute to or break the ambiance. Aside from ceiling lights and natural light from windows, employ floor and table lamps to lighten dark interiors further.


You can also employ different forms of lighting for various objectives. Ambient lighting, for example, is ideal for completely lighting up your living space. Desk lamps, undercabinet lights, and downlights are appropriate for specialized activities such as working or reading.


Finally, accent lighting, such as wall-mounted fixtures and track lights, can highlight decorations, furniture, and other living room characteristics.


  1. Make use of an open-frame coffee table.


Coffee tables make living rooms feel more crowded and cramped. Choose open-framed coffee tables instead than bulky ones to create the appearance of space. You can also use the extra space beneath it for decorations or storage.

  1. Put additional lighting

Lighting can make or break the mood of your living room. Aside from the ceiling lights and natural light from your window, use floor and table lamps to illuminate dark spaces further.

You can also use different lighting types for various purposes. For instance, ambient lighting is perfect for entirely lighting up your living room. Task lighting such as desk lamps, undercabinet lights, and downlights are ideal for specific activities like working or reading.

Lastly, you can install accent lighting—such as wall-mounted fixtures and track lights—to highlight decorations, furniture, and other living room features.

  1. Seek the assistance of an interior designer.

If you’re still confused about living room design ideas, call an interior designer to get professional advice on your space. They can assist you in selecting color palettes, purchasing furniture that is custom-fit for your area, and avoiding costly blunders.

However, be selective with who you hire. Here are some interior design questions you can ask prospects before signing a contract.


    1. Can you describe your design aesthetic to me?
    2. Can you show me a portfolio of your previous home design projects?
    3. What will be your fee for this project?
    4. What items do you prioritize in the budget?
    5. Who will oversee procurement and purchasing?
    6. What if I don’t like your design?
    7. How long will it take to complete the project?

Knowing an interior designer before employing them guarantees you get the most out of your money and that your living room is designed just how you want it.


  1. Use a good sofa

The sofa is a key component of every living area. As a result, you should invest in one that complements your aesthetic and is long-lasting. When selecting one from a furniture store, consider the size, style, fabric, and colors. Sofas can be costly, so be sure your purchase is worthwhile.


Your Space, Your Rules

One of the most important areas in your condo is the living room. It’s where you work, play, eat, and occasionally sleep. As a result, you should arrange it in a style that brings you joy and comfort. Putting in the time and effort to decorate allows you to preserve your living room’s “living” aspect, which is especially important if you intend to stay in your condo for a long time.

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