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You can throw all your credentials behind the door. You have no letter of recommendation and a touch of the professors’ backs will benefit you. If you smell like running a classroom, you can’t get through the class.

Fortunately, managing the classroom is not difficult.

 If it is quite difficult to create good leadership habits (old habits are dying), then if you remember only a few things and develop habits from them, you will immediately succeed in your classroom.

Love and laughter are powerful drinks: When students are convinced that you care about them, they are much more likely to work with you than if they think you are not. It does not require you to act as their “partner”. This will immediately disappoint you. Instead, get a sincere interest in their lives. Remember their hopes, their dreams, and where they stand out. Ask about their lives. He laughs and laughs often. Show them how fun and curious life can be and they will enjoy your room.

Your door is a portal to two different worlds:

 The environment, shape and decoration of your room are very important. Don’t use a desktop maze, please! The tables should be set up so that you can reach each school attendance manager quickly, as it is important to stay on the move. Activities often take place with residency teachers, so relocation helps to limit interruptions. Also think carefully when decorating your room. Apart from banal school phrases. Students should see a clear difference between you and the room behind the door.

This is your unspoken Kung Fun ability: 

Have you ever “watched” a student return to work? If so, you may have found it more effective than mocking a student. “Tim, this is the third … if I see you doing it again, I’ll do it …” We all know what you’re saying five minutes later: exactly the same thing. Non-verbal skills are very communicative towards criminals. No matter where your fingers look, it changes! In addition, many students like to go out for fun and talk back and forth. Don’t give it up! Bite with your body language instead.

Let Procedure do the lifting for you: the structure begins as soon as the student enters your room. 

For example, in my room, students first take a notebook from the table next to the door, then immediately sit down and write a clock on the door. If a student makes a mistake, I will finish it immediately. Things like this create a lot of “organic” order in your classroom, so you don’t have to be a classroom cop.

Quality teaching is your fuel:

 If students do not take a lesson, they will be left behind. This will cause interference. Students should be busy from clock to hour and often be active. If you talk for 30 minutes on School door bell management, of course, they will quickly become frustrated. Instead, pause the lecture: give Power Point three minutes and ask students to discuss it with a classmate. Continue the presentation after they have answered a few questions. There are many ways to do this. The key is to get them to communicate with you in a number of different ways.


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