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Home furniture is one of the things that completes the ‘soul’ of a house. For many interior designers, each aspect of furniture depicts details that make a home unique. Because of this, many believe that a person’s home is an extension of their personality. 

Since homes are the most comfortable places for most people, we strive to beautify, elevate, and personalise our sacred spaces. And so today, people work on designing their homes in the cheapest yet most efficient way possible. After all, despite the temptation of starting a makeover, we know how costly it is to turn our homes into home-catalogue-like pegs. 

So instead, people work on looking for the best furniture accents that they can invest in for their homes. For some, those accent pieces are the backbone of the home’s theme. Today, there are various pieces that people use to accentuate a space. Among the many, chairs are the pieces that many invest in and love.

If you’ve been thinking of how to beautify your home, or are simply looking for an accent piece, here’s your sign that chairs could be the answer. So without further ado, let’s discuss some tips when looking for a home accent chair in this article


1 – Look for a brand with a colourful background in selling chairs and other furniture pieces.

First, let’s start with where you could buy the accent chair. Today, it’s easy to find striking and eye-catching accent chairs online. But the real challenge is finding quality pieces that can last you a long time. We’re not here to look down and compare furniture brands with each other. But instead, we aim to look for a brand that can provide you with the best accent chair that meets your needs.

If there’s a specific design that you’re looking for, such as a wishbone chair, it would be best to research companies that specialise in producing Scandi chairs. That way, you can explore other designs similar to the wishbone chair that might catch your eye and match your home better. 

Looking for a brand with a colourful background in chair designs will also help you explore and widen your ideas. By researching, you might find the specific chair design you’ve been imagining and looking for so long. 


2 – Research the best material for the chair design you want.

In furniture hunting, looks can be deceiving. Beautiful furniture pictures can easily sway people into buying one immediately without seeing the item personally. Unfortunately, many gorgeous accent chairs exist, but their materials are not too beautiful to last for a year. With that, it’s necessary to research the best chair materials to avoid wasting money on a deceiving furniture piece. 

Going back to my example in tip number one, if you’re looking for a wishbone accent chair, you must research what high-end furniture makers use for chair designs like that. Today, many chairs have exquisite designs. But most of the time, you’ll find their material is laminated wood. 

There’s nothing wrong with using laminated wood for chairs. However, if you’re looking for a chair that can withstand the test of time, it’s still better to go for mahogany and other types of wood. With that, make sure to research the best material suitable for the chair design that you like.


3 – Visualise how the chair would look with your home’s current theme and furniture pieces. 

Today, many strive to emanate a minimalist home design. Others still want to incorporate contemporary and striking pieces into their homes to match their interests. Regardless, how you design your home is yours to enjoy and mind. But here’s a tip, when looking for an accent chair, make sure to visualise how the chair would look with your home’s current theme and furniture pieces.

Other people love to add an accent chair that contrasts with their home theme. Some strictly want an accent chair that perfectly matches their existing furniture pieces. Whether you relate to the first point or the latter, visualising will help you decide whether the chair you’ve been eyeing is the perfect design that would go with your theme.


4 – If the chair has a purpose aside from being an accent piece, prioritise comfort over style. 

For other people, a chair only serves as a focal design point in an area in their house. While others still give immense importance to the comfort level of a chair. If you’re looking for an accent chair that you can enjoy and use, I suggest always prioritising comfort over style.

Like I said in my first tip, it’s easy to find beautiful accent chairs. However, their quality and usefulness do not often equate to their looks. Expecting the chair to be as efficient as it looks might disappoint you. That’s why it would be better to see and try the chair in person. 

If you’re ordering from a different country or a distant location, I suggest researching thoroughly about the chair. That way, you wouldn’t be wasting money on a chair you couldn’t use and enjoy at home. Remember, it’s never a waste of money to buy a piece of comfortable and relaxing furniture.


5 – Compare the chair’s price online versus from a physical store. 

Last but not least is to compare the price of the chair online versus from a physical store. If the chair you like is available in a furniture store near you, it would be great to check it out and compare its pricing from its online listing. After all, there are times when online deals are great and when purchasing from a physical store is better.

On the other hand, if the brand you’ll buy from doesn’t have a physical store, I suggest waiting for online sales and discounts. If you want to buy the chair immediately, you can skip this tip and proceed with your order. But just in case you’re hoping to save and purchase the accent chair for a lower price, this tip might be helpful to you. 


Scout, research, and review the accent chair you like before purchasing. 

Hopefully, my five tips will help you find the best accent chair for your home. To cap it off, I leave you with this: scout, research, and review the accent chair you like before purchasing. Doing so will avoid disappointments and wasteful purchases. Happy chair hunting!


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Where Saints Go U.K., an eclectic online furniture company that provides unique, beautiful, and quality pieces of furniture at affordable prices.


By Bianca Banda

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