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California has been a pioneer in cannabis legalization. Even though California wasn’t technically the first state to legalize marijuana, it was one of the earliest, legalizing medical cannabis in 1996, and later, recreational cannabis use in 2016 through the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

In the minds of many, California helped paved the way for legalization elsewhere. There are nearly 900 licensed dispensaries in California, and many cultivators, too. The market has attracted talent from far and wide, and it’s not hard to see why.

With a market that continues to grow, many entrepreneurs are looking for new, competitive ways to position their products so they can earn their place in a niche that suits their abilities well. California cannabis consumer insights, for many CA-based producers or dispensaries, can be among the most helpful investments of all.

Market research in the cannabis industry can be as helpful for cannabis brands and retailers as it is for competitors in other industries, and perhaps even more so. Legislation legalizing cannabis sales has only recently legitimized the cannabis market, making research possible. It’s only been within the past few years that cannabis retailers could get serious about research, targeting, segmentation, and positioning.

Yet now they can, with the help of organizations like ISA Corp, which administers helpful polls, like the CANNApinion Poll, and The GreenTime Poll, and collects additional studies through research such as its Cannabis Personas, which can be very helpful for organizations looking to gather California cannabis consumer insights.

Market research can be vital for demographic targeting, such as by age group or income, geographic targeting (in this case, in California), and much more. In this instance, an area of focus is on consumer behavior.

Speaking of which, it may have been readily apparent to dispensaries and retailers that edibles are very popular, that demand is steady and the market for edibles is growing. To bolster that claim, ISA Corp April 2021 CANNApinion poll determined that 76% of respondents had consumed edibles in the past year.

But offering edibles, with no further qualifications, is not a blank check to be delivered to the bank of success. This is even more applicable to those considering launching additional brands or product lines.

To illustrate this, it’s important to recognize that not all types of edibles are received as favorably among consumers, despite the fact that edibles as a “category” typically perform very well.

For instance, among millennial, baby boomer, Gen X, and Gen Z respondents, “Ice Cream” as a category of edibles was received with near-universal interest. More than 50% of all respondents from all of these age groups exhibited an interest in it.

By contrast, when pizza was suggested as a potential edible product, interest was comparatively low. Millennials showed the most interest, at 25%, followed by Gen Z at 22%. Gen X and baby boomers were least interested, showing 15% and 12%, respectively.

It’s not hard to see that California cannabis consumer insights can help entrepreneurs make important strategic decisions about targeting, positioning, pricing, and more – such as the decision whether or not to launch new products or open new shops.

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