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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Reviews – Amazing Safety Features and an always-on display

An always-on display, safety features including Emergency SOS via satellite and accident detection, and a new 48 megapixel primary camera are just a few of the many new features included in the newly buy iPhone 14 Pro. Anybody who is serious about photography will desire this strong improvement to the iPhone Pro.

New always-on display

The display of the iPhone 14 Pro is constantly on. When idle, you may still see the date and time, any lock screen widgets you’ve enabled (this is a new iOS 16 feature), and notifications. This does not imply that the display is always at full brightness. It’s subtle, and I tried my best to capture the brightness of what I see on my desk in the shot below; Apple’s photographs make the clock and widgets seem much brighter.

Your lock screen background has become darker, and the other parts’ hints of highlight are visible. The phone lights up when you tap it or pick it up. This is a smart function, similar to what the Apple Watch has had for a while, and it doesn’t reduce battery life since the display slows down to the lowest refresh rate to save power. Having said that, there should be some choices for adjusting the brightness of the white on the display since there are moments when it’s too dark to view alerts. Naturally, you can turn off this function if you’d want to. To do so, head to Settings > Display & Brightness and turn off Always On.

When used outside, the display’s peak brightness is substantially higher—it can reach 2000 nits as opposed to 1200 nits for the newly buy iPhone 13 Pro Max and the standard iPhone 14 making it much simpler to operate. Also, I think the display is prettier than the iPhone 13 Pro. Why it seems less like a display and more like paper is a mystery to me. Promotion, which employs adjustable refresh rates, is included in both of these devices, although the more recent model may have undergone some optimization.

Dynamic Island

I have to hand it to Apple; they took an annoying element of the iPhone and made a feature out of it. Replacing the disturbing notch at the top of the iPhone, the Dynamic Island is the pill-shaped area that houses the TrueDepth front camera, and that is used for Face ID and selfies. Apple has turned this into an area that can provide useful information. For now, not many apps support it, but you see animations when you unlock the phone, when you unlock apps using Face ID when you’re listening to music, and more. It’s clever, and the information in Dynamic Island never seems glitzy. Here are a couple of examples, with music playing and with a timer counting down.

New safety features

Whether skiing, biking, or hiking, you run the risk of being hurt and being cut off from cellphone service. The iPhone 14 models may contact emergency agencies thanks to Apple’s ingenious new Emergency SOS via satellite mechanism. The iPhone utilizes a sensor to assist you to get in the appropriate position and then transmits extremely little quantities of data without of needing a cigar-sized antenna, as is the case with satellite phones.

You respond to a series of inquiries, and the information you provide—along with your location is relayed to emergency services. Also, you may inform your emergency contacts of your whereabouts.

Emergency SOS via satellite, which initially only functions in the US and Canada, will be accessible in November. There will be a subscription after the first two years, according to Apple, but if you replace your iPhone every two years, you should be able to continue using it.

New 48-megapixel camera

For those who take their photography seriously, the new 48 Mp primary camera is the most remarkable feature. (Apple used to refer to the wide camera as the main camera; the iPhone 14 Pro now has ultra-wide, main, and telephoto cameras.) Since the iPhone 6s, when there was just one camera, the resolution hasn’t been increased for the iPhone camera. It went from 8 Mp to 12 Mp.

I own two “real” cameras, and although I’ve always thought the iPhone was great for the odd picture, it was in no way comparable to the cameras I use for serious picture-taking. But the images I took over the weekend with the iPhone 14 Pro astounded me with their quality. The ability to shoot in 48 Mp is a game-changer, but Apple’s computational photography has always made its photographs seem better than you’d expect from a small lens and 12 megapixels. (To activate Apple ProRAW and choose whether you wish to capture raw photographs at 12 or 48 Mp, go to Settings > Camera > Photo Capture.)

You have a lot more editing and cropping options when shooting in raw with greater megapixels. The photographs shot with the iPhone 14 Pro are just as detailed as those obtained with more costly cameras. There are still some restrictions; for example, you can only use a 3x optical zoom and the ultra-wide camera significantly distorts when used up close. Nevertheless, there is a new 2x optical zoom option that is available by reducing a 48 Mp snap to half its original pixel count. (The degrees of optical zoom are 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and 3x.)

These additional megapixels are not free. According to my tests, the 48 Mp images’ file sizes vary from roughly 45 MB to 120 MB. Even 12 MP raw files are big, taking somewhere between 23 and 36 MB. This implies that if you want to shoot a lot of pictures, you’ll need to have a lot of storage space available, both on your iPhone and on iCloud if you sync the pictures to your Computer. They will also take longer to upload, so if you have a restricted data plan, be sure to disable Photos syncing on cellular.

(Observation: It’s unexpected that there is such a significant difference. The file sizes on my two “actual” cameras are quite constant. I have two cameras: one with 47 Mp produces files between 85 and 90 MB, while the other with 26 Mp produces files between 56 and 60 MB.)

The iPhone Pro models from this year are a good upgrade, particularly if you plan to use the higher camera quality. While the Dynamic Island and always-on display are both fantastic features, upgrading if you already own a current iPhone Pro model is definitely not worth it.

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