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Pillow Boxes

Getting eye-catching, premium quality Pillow Boxes Wholesale for your brand is all about standing out from competitors in the marketplace. Your customers rely on you when it comes to unique ideas, so in order to keep their loyalty intact, it’s essential that you consistently come up with something new!


Pillow Boxes Wholesale offers customized packaging solutions for a variety of products. Their boxes come in an array of sizes and colors, which can be printed with text or photos. Plus, these eco-friendly boxes can be recycled – making them an excellent way to promote your item while showcasing its unique design.

Pillow boxes are a popular option for businesses seeking to package their products in an attractive and functional way. They can be tailored to fit any product, and the lids can be engraved or foil-coated for extra effect. In some cases, pillow boxes even feature QR codes for added convenience.

Customizing pillow boxes is an effective way to promote your business and boost sales. They can be printed with your logo and other details so you stand out from competitors.

Boxes can be constructed using various materials, such as kraft and cardboard. These boxes are environmentally friendly and compostable, meaning they don’t contribute to deforestation or landfill accumulation.

These boxes are ideal for showcasing small gifts, jewelry and other items that need protection from moisture or extreme temperatures. They’re also great for packing hair extensions, soaps and other products that need protection from extremes of temperature as well.

Pillow boxes should be constructed with durable materials to maximize their use and protect products inside. Furthermore, selecting finishing options that enhance their visual appeal is essential.

Modern consumers aren’t likely to buy a product unless they are drawn to it, which makes creating an engaging brand so important.

No matter if your business is new or well-established, it’s essential to find ways to make your products stand out from competitors. One of the most crucial components of branding your merchandise is its packaging.

With the assistance of a professional, you can craft an eye-catching custom box for your product that will stand out in the crowd. Constructing these unique containers may not be straightforward but with the right tools and resources it is achievable.

Window Printing

Pillow Boxes Wholesale provides window printing services to help you create eye-catching packaging for your products. They can be printed with a range of different colors and graphics to stand out from competitors, which is an effective way to raise brand awareness and draw in new customers.

Window pillow boxes are an effective way to promote your business and give clients a preview of what they’ll receive when they buy from you. They’re easy to assemble, featuring a die-cut window that allows customers to see exactly what they’re getting when they make a purchase.

Window pillow boxes are a popular choice among retailers due to their stylish and unique appeal. They can be used to sell all sorts of products, like clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. Furthermore, window pillow boxes have the added bonus of being able to ship items – making them perfect for anyone wanting to send gifts.

They’re also an environmentally friendly choice, made from recycled paperboard and biodegradable. This makes them a great option for anyone wanting to market their business in an eco-friendly manner.

Custom designed and printed boxes with your company logo, details, or even client satisfaction rates and reviews – an effective way to demonstrate that you value customer feedback and strive to offer them high-quality products.

Pillow Boxes Wholesale not only offers window printing, but a comprehensive selection of other packaging solutions for your products. These include custom-made boxes, wholesale UK boxes, pillow boxes with windows and personalized pillow boxes.

You can opt to have your logo and other information printed on either the front or back of your pillow box, creating a great opportunity to attract new customers and distinguish yourself from competitors.

Pillow boxes are a common packaging choice for many products, from food to cosmetics. They come in various sizes and can be shipped or given as gifts with ease. Furthermore, pillow boxes make great additions to gift baskets due to their customizable features; you may even have them custom-printed with your company’s colors to further increase their appeal.

Foil Stamping

Pillow boxes are an ideal packaging solution for many products due to their lightness and versatility. They come in a range of materials, plus the option to print with unique designs and artworks.

They’re an effective way to showcase your brand and draw in new customers. E-commerce businesses especially benefit from this, as it helps you stand out from competitors and boost sales.

Foil stamping is an economical and creative way to give your pillow boxes a personalized, eye-catching touch.

Custom pillow box printing can be done in an array of colors and themes to fit any design. When selecting colors for your design, make sure they complement the product you are packaging and add visual interest. Read more on Pillow Packaging

For example, if you are packing a scarf, an attractive printed box featuring clothing patterns and an elegant designer logo would look fantastic. Conversely, for organic goods such as brown pillow boxes with printed labels and rope, natural pillow cases with brown colors would look lovely too.

To enhance the visual appeal of your pillow boxes, opt for a bright and colorful design. You can do this by printing with CMYK/PMS technology; this will guarantee that the print appears sharp and distinct.

Furthermore, opt for a packaging material that is both robust and recyclable. Doing so will make your pillow boxes eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Many people are conscious about the environment and want to avoid using harmful chemicals in their packaging. A high quality cardboard, corrugated material or Kraft is an ideal option as it’s lightweight and eco-friendly.

Another advantage of these types of packaging is that they are cost-effective and simple to assemble. Furthermore, they come in an extensive selection of sizes and styles.

These boxes offer the benefit of being personalized to match the product inside them. For instance, if you are packing hosiery or scarves, they can be designed to match the clothing pattern and logo of their owner. Furthermore, you can decorate them with ribbons to make them a more presentable gift or item.


If you want to give your packaging a unique flair, embossing is the ideal choice. This process adds depth and dimension to the design, increasing its visual appeal and making it more memorable for customers.

Use this technique to design a striking window for your custom pillow boxes, allowing consumers to check out the product inside without opening it. They’ll appreciate that you took time to include your logo and other details on the box, helping them recall your brand when shopping in the future.

Embossing is an economical way to add a touch of class and sophistication to your custom pillow boxes. It also increases your branding power, which in turn will lead to increased sales for your business.

Embellishing your pillow box with different techniques such as foil stamping or aqueous coating is an option that you have. These can be applied to either the front or back, adding a decorative flair and increasing its appeal.

Another option is die-cut windows, which have become a go-to among customers around the world. These can be used for inserting items or promoting your company’s brand identity.

These glasses come in various sizes and can be personalized with your logo and other details. If you want a more professional appearance, consider getting them engraved for even greater durability.

Custom pillow boxes come in a range of colors to stand out from the competition. Plus, they can be constructed from various materials like cardboard and kraft for increased durability.

Pillow boxes are perfect for storing and shipping delicate items such as jewelry and candles, making them a great option for gift wrapping. Store flat, they pop into shape with their elliptical end closures when opened – making them the ideal solution!

If you’re searching for an economical, attractive, and reliable way to package your products, custom pillow boxes are a great choice. Not only do they showcase high-quality goods beautifully, but they also guarantee they arrive safely at their intended destination.

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