Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

We’ve all experienced instances when our garage door unexpectedly damaged. It is a bit frustrating when we don’t fix it immediately. We have decided to start Garage Door Repair Service, an established family-owned business that is focused on fixing garage doors. Our aim is to offer exceptional customer service and we aim to finish repairs in 24 hours. We also promise the technicians we send be there promptly, and will not leave any step unturned until the task is completed in a timely manner. Therefore, whether you require us to fix a broken spring, or install new rollers, or examine for the state of your garage door we’re waiting to assist you!

  • Bonds – Bonds – Licensed
  • 100 100% Satisfaction
  • Rapid Arrival Time
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Cheap Prices

Garage Door Repair in New Haven CT

We’ve all experienced situations when we had urgently fix something and we realized that the garage door was damaged. This is exactly why we decided to begin our business. It’s an established family-owned business that provides quality services at a reasonable price. Our aim is to simplify the process for our clients by offering them the most efficient solutions they can get. To achieve this we offer a wide array of services, including garage door repair as well as garage door installation. the replacement of garage door openers and maintenance for garage door springs.

If you require assistance with garage doors repair located in New Haven, Connecticut, contact us today!

Garage Door Company began back in 2015 in Worcester, MA. We began our business because it’s something that we’ve always enjoyed doing. Our team is an assortment of people who have been raised around garage doors, experts, garage door technicians and people who are convinced of that it is essential to have a quality job that is done right and love working in a team. We’ve learned a lot about garage doors and have learned from the people who have come before us. With years of knowledge, thanks to our team of installers along with office staff, management team, and many more we can provide the best workmanship available. No matter if you’re using an older model garage door or an updated model, we’ll ensure your garage door is working properly and will work properly again. When you contact Garage Door Company, you receive fast service, courteous customer service as well as a reasonable cost. If you are near New Haven, CT or elsewhere in Connecticut Give us the number you need today!

What do we have to offer?

Our company has a broad selection of garage doors designed to meet your requirements and provide excellent service! If you require an easy repair to your garage door or major renovation, we’ll solve your issues promptly. If you’re not certain what you’re looking for most effective way to go is to call our customers service representatives a call and they’ll walk you through the entire process and help determine what you need to do. We take pride in offering an efficient service.

Garage Doors Sale

If the garage door seems older and worn-out and outdated, you may want to think about changing it. You must ensure that you purchase the ideal garage door to meet your requirements, and that includes being built with the latest design, technology, and durability.

We provide a range of garage door services including the installation of new doors when needed, fixing existing ones, and replacing older ones. Our specialists can help to choose the ideal kind of garage door to meet your requirements.

Garage Door Repair

Our most popular service, as we are aware that doors to garages are susceptible to deterioration. The doors can be damaged anytime because of things becoming stuck in its mechanism or the passage of time. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy a new door and replace it. It is possible to prolong the lifespan of your current garage door by repairing it.

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