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Summary: The number of sufferers is proportional to the population of both white and blue-collared workers in many different industries. And with the kind of unhealthy lifestyle that most of them practice, chronic pain in the back has been plaguing mankind.

If fashion is all about appeal and appearances, the orthopedic back brace on the other hand is for support and pain relief. Bad habits die hard. It is the same way with body posture. A lot of people may not see the bad impact because slouching is comfortable. It may vary from person to person, but it all boils down to back pains, weak muscles joints, a C or S-shape back and many more.

Now, what if all those worries can be addressed? It is a possibility by wearing orthopedic back braces. They are posture back braces that are often used by individuals who are already experiencing severe discomforts. Yet, even this body supporter come in an array of functionality.

Type of orthopedic back brace

Posture Corrector for Injury Rehab is a type of orthopedic back brace that is used by people with pelvic fractures. Pelvic fractures result from intense injuries that use either low or extreme amounts of energy. Problems such as head, chest, and abdominal injuries associate with pelvic fractures. Fracture in the spinal column also come together with a pelvic fracture.

The trochanter belt is buckled in front and worn like a regular belt around the waist. It can be worn on a regular basis in order to hasten healing on the fracture. If recommended by the physician one must even wear it even in their sleep. This belt will not be recognized like a body supporter because of its ordinary features.

Elastic bands encircle the wearer’s

Medical corsets are worn on the abdomen or stomach area where the spine needs to be aligned. It has metal stays that are bendable in order to adjust to the support specifically needed by the back. It has separate elastic and overlapping body bands which may vary in length depending on the physician’s specifications. The elastic bands encircle the wearer’s waist which has longitudinal panel edges.

In adjusting medical corsets, they come together with a fastener in order to accommodate the size or shape of the person wearing it, though it is uncomfortable at the start but as time passes by it will be just a regular undergarment that you will get used to.

Orthopedic back brace prevents excessive movement

Support Brace for Back and Shoulders are used for people experiencing spinal fractures or those who just came out from a spinal surgery. It has cruciform shape having four pads which includes sternal, pubic, and two side pads. This orthopedic back brace prevents excessive movement which helps the spine to recover.

Knowing the right orthopedic back brace will help in the instant recovery of the patient. Regular consultation with the physician and following their prescriptions should also be kept in mind. The type of orthopedic back brace will only act as a support but the doctor will tell you what should be done.

Any job that involves stressful or heavy lifting or awkward postures increases the risk for a back injury. Back injuries can be prevented while working by improving position. If there is a twist of the body, working overhead, bending over, kneeling or squatting, these increase the risk of back injury. Here are a few tips that can help prevent back injuries and reduce low back pain when lifting heavy objects.

Turn support the spine and keep breathing

When lifting an object, get as close as possible to the object. This lessens strain on the lower back. Maintain your curves by being in an upright position while squatting to pick up any object. The spine must always be in the best alignment or neutral posture when lifting. Ensure that neutral spine is back and the spinal column is in its natural position.

When lifting, strengthen stomach muscles that in turn support the spine and keep breathing – do not hold breath. Make use of your leg muscles when lifting, spare your low back. Always turn with the feet when lifting and not the back. The back was not designed with the mechanism to twist. When lifting, bend the knees, squatting in front of the object to reach it and not bending over an object to be lifted. The object should be lifted carefully and slowly making use of the leg and arm muscles.

Comprehensive back injury prevention

Never pull with the back. The head must be up and straight ahead when executing the lift. Abdominal muscles must be tight while executing the lift. The same technique should be applied when putting an object down. If too heavy or too big to lift, get someone else to help or use mechanical equipment. Each time an object is above the shoulder, use a stepladder or stool to elevate yourself at least to chest level, recommended is waist level. Before lifting use the technique discussed.

Never depend on structures for support the may give way when pulled or tugged on. Finally back belts and braces are never a substitute for comprehensive back injury prevention. When you follow proper lifting and reaching techniques and exercise, you will help keep back problems behind you. Force like lifting heavy objects can cause strain in the back, forcing the back to be subject to injury as heavy weight tend to bog down the spine column that cause muscle tissues that holds the back bone to go sore.

Muscle stiffness and tightness

The muscles in the back are stretched beyond its limit and are subject to the same abuse each time a repetitive strain is being forced in the back. Using the wrong position in lifting objects, sitting, standing, walking, or even sleeping can lead to bad posture that does not help in properly distributing the strain put into the back. Not to mention, accumulated stress at the work place can contribute to muscle stiffness and tightness that also contribute largely to the pain felt in the back.

Many back pain reliever medication with its generic name has been formulated to bring temporary relief from the pain caused by the back. Creams, hot and cold patches, and many other medicinal measures have been manufactured to be available over the counter for the millions who suffer from back pain.

Other people resort to back massages and alternative methods like acupuncture and chiropractor to relieve severe pain in the back. But other than temporary relief, you should also consider gradual and prevention of the re-occurrence of pain in the back.

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