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What exactly does Aspadol 100mg mean?

Aspadol 100mg is an opioid pain medication that may assist with moderate to severe pain. You must comprehend that pain is a distressing sensory and expressive feeling caused by potential tissue damage.

Tapentadol, the active ingredient in Aspadol 100mg, interacts with opioid receptors in your central nervous system. Preventing the way nerve cells transfer pain between your brain and body limits pain perception even more.

It is critical that you only take this medicine as advised by your doctor.

How does Aspadol 100mg work?

Aspadol 100mg belongs to the opioid analgesic medication class. This medicine alters how your brain interprets information by modifying how your body feels and responds to pain.

How do I take Aspadol 100mg?

Before beginning therapy with Aspadol 100mg, you must carefully read the patient information leaflet provided by your doctor.

Consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns regarding the drug or its dose.

The medication must be taken orally, as prescribed by the doctor. Doctors typically advise patients to take this drug with or without meals.

If you are feeling sick, take a Tapentadol tablet with your meals. Consult your doctor or chemist for more tips on how to reduce nausea, such as resting down for as long as possible without moving your head much.

Based on your medical history, your doctor will establish the appropriate dose for you.


What special precautions should you take before using Aspadol 100mg?

If you have a tapentadol or other medicine allergy, notify your doctor as soon as possible. Furthermore, this prescription may include inactive ingredients that cause allergic reactions or other problems.

Before taking this drug, be sure to inform your doctor everything about your medical history, especially:

  • mental disorders
  • renal disease
  • breathing problems
  • a gallbladder disease a family history of drug use illnesses emotional or mental difficulties
  • Having difficulty urinating due to pancreatic disease
    This drug may cause you to feel dizzy or drowsy. Avoid smoking marijuana or alcohol since they will make you feel dizzy.

Avoid participating in any activity that needs concentration unless you are confident in your ability to do so, such as operating heavy equipment or driving. Avoid any alcoholic beverages at all costs.

Before undergoing any surgery, you must inform the surgeon of any additional drugs you are taking, including herbal treatments, prescription pharmaceuticals, and over-the-counter medications.

Sleepiness, slow breathing, dizziness, disorientation, and constipation are some of the side effects of this medicine that may be more obvious in older people.


adverse consequences

When you first start taking the Aspadol tablet, you should be informed that you may experience a variety of common adverse effects. These symptoms include vertigo, nausea, constipation, and vomiting.

If you wish to prevent side effects like constipation, you should exercise often, eat a diet high in dietary fibre, and drink enough of water. In addition.

You may need to use laxatives. Consult your doctor to determine if it is safe for you to do so.

When rising from a sitting or laying posture, attempt to rise gently to reduce the possibility of dizziness and lightheadedness.

Interactions between medications
Interactions between drugs may affect how effectively a patient’s therapy works or increase the risk of major side effects. Informing your doctor about all of your other drugs ahead of time may help you avoid hazardous drug interactions.

Butorphanol, naltrexone, and samidorphan are just a few of the other drugs that have been shown to interact negatively with the Aspadol 100mg tablet.


Tapentadol should not be used if you have recently taken an MAO inhibitor. There might be a negative medication interaction. MAO inhibitors include isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue injection, phenelzine, rasagiline, selegiline, and tranylcypromine.

You should not use this drug if you have severe respiratory problems or paralytic ileus, a bowel blockage.

When using tapentadol, your breathing may become slow or stop, particularly when you first start using it or when your dosage is changed.

Never take more or longer than the prescribed dosage of this medicine. A broken, crushed, or unsealed extended-release pill should never be used. Swallow it whole to prevent obtaining a possibly lethal dosage.

Tapentadol may create addiction even at low dosages. Take this medicine precisely as prescribed by your doctor. Never give your medicine to someone else.

Addiction, overdose, or death may happen from the misuse of narcotic painkillers, especially in children and anyone who take the medicines without a doctor’s prescription. Others should not have access to the drug.

If you are pregnant, inform your doctor. If the mother took tapentadol while pregnant, the infant may have deadly withdrawal symptoms.

When opioid prescriptions are used with alcohol, other sedatives, or substances that slow your breathing, you face the risk of deadly side effects.


Questions that are regularly asked

Is it possible to get addicted to Aspadol 100mg, or does it only form habits?

The Aspadol tablet has a high potential for causing addiction or habit building. So, be sure to take it exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

What should you do if you discover you’ve missed a dose?

If you forget to take an Aspadol tablet at the prescribed time, take it as soon as you remember. If your next planned dose is approaching,

Then you should skip the dosage you missed. Furthermore, you should not take extra doses to make up for the one you missed.


Should I quit taking the Aspadol 100mg once I feel better?

You should not stop taking this medicine unless your healthcare professional expressly instructs you to do so. Even if you feel better after just a few days of treatment, you should still complete the whole course of medicine. The doctor will decide whether or not to cut the quantity of Aspadol 100mg you are taking based on your situation.

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