Thu. Mar 30th, 2023
Apple Watch Series 7

Every time Apple releases a new device, the largest debate on the internet is on whether or not you should update. It’s possible to make an informed decision by comparing the new model’s specs sheet to those of its predecessors and taking into account the new model’s improved features. Most consumers find it hard to rationalize buying new Apple products every year since such comparisons are often made to the prior year’s model. And with good reason.

It would be easy to look at the Apple Watch Series 7 and assume that it is just a little advance over the previous year’s model, the Series 6. Mainly, the Series 7 has a bigger screen and quicker charging, but that’s about it.

It was in this frame of mind that I began testing the Series 7 around two weeks ago. And during the first few days, I really considered just canceling my purchase of the Series 7 and going back to utilizing the Series 6 that was already sitting on my desk.

The more I used the Series 7 on a daily basis for tasks like checking messages and keeping track of my workouts, the more I came to appreciate the little improvements that enhance the watch’s usability.

Minimal, but noticeable design changes

The Apple Watch’s general appearance hasn’t altered much since its debut in 2014. The square shape with rounded corners has seen only incremental size increases and minor aesthetic adjustments. The Series 7 maintains this trend, although on an even grander scale.

The Series 6 and 7 Apple Watches were 40mm and 44mm in diameter, respectively; the newer models are 41mm and 45mm. The 1mm difference between the two models amounts to a 20 percent larger screen compared to last year’s model and a 50 percent larger screen compared to the Apple Watch Series 3.

The watch face, along with the bezels, was redesigned to have rounded corners, allowing for a noticeable increase in screen real estate. You can now view the Apple Watch’s display from any angle, thanks to the device’s screen’s new downward slant.

When Apple modifies the size of its smartwatch, customers have a right to wonder whether their previous watchbands will still fit the newer devices. In a word, yeah. The Series 7’s 41mm case diameter is compatible with the smaller model’s bands. Bands designed for the bigger Apple Watch will fit the 45mm Series 7 as well.

Not only are there brand-new tones, but there are brand-new hues as well. Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue, and (Product)RED are the five obtainable hues of aluminum.

Apple provided a Blue unit for testing, and I purchased a Midnight model for my own usage. The colors we’ve come to anticipate from Apple, even the regular ones, seem a little different. Starlight, a combination of gold and silver, has supplanted silver as one such example. Try champagne instead, perhaps? The hours around midnight aren’t just dark. Almost black, enough to suggest a cool blue hue.

I recommend visiting an Apple shop to see the colors in person if you’re having trouble deciding which one you like best. These pictures don’t do them credit at all.

A larger display makes a big difference

To be honest, I didn’t really notice the larger screen for the first few days of testing. Basically, I knew the watch was off in some way, but I had no idea what. It’s like meeting someone for the first time after they’ve gotten new spectacles; you notice something’s off, but you have no idea what it is. Upon first glance, you can see that there is a difference between the two. At least, that’s how I first felt about Series 7.

It wasn’t until I began typing out my response to my first message that I realized the screen size had increased. Apple Watch Series 7 is the first Apple Watch to have a complete keyboard on the display, allowing you to write or swipe to compose a message. Prior to this update, you had to either use voice dictation or the Watch’s Scribble function, which required you to write each letter individually with your finger. As someone with terrible handwriting, the experience wasn’t the finest, but it did the job.

I’m hesitant to use the term “full” keyboard to describe the new Apple Watch keyboard due to its diminutive size, but it does suffice. A normal QWERTY keyboard layout with autocorrect is included, exactly as on the iPhone’s digital keyboard. Since the keys are so few, I seldom typed exactly what I meant, but WatchOS usually guessed correctly.

Faster charging is possible, but there’s a catch

The speedier charging capability of the Apple Watch Series 7 was one of the features I was most interested in trying out. Apple improved the efficiency of the magnetic charging connector and updated the Apple Watch charging adaptor so that it now uses a USB-C connection.

Apple claims that the new charger can fully charge an Apple Watch Series 7 from zero to 80 percent in only 45 minutes, which is a 33 percent improvement over the previous Series 6 charger. If you use your Apple Watch to keep track of how long you sleep, 8 minutes of charging time before bed should be plenty for 8 hours of monitoring.

Bottom line

The middle of November was given to me as the expected arrival date when I bought my Apple Watch Series 7. Although, Apple did send it a couple of weeks early, as is customary for the firm. By the time I received the Apple shipment notification, I had already made up my mind: I would retain the update. With the money I earn from trading in my Series 6, upgrading won’t hurt as much.

Unless you can get a decent trade-in offer on your existing Apple Watch, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading if you currently own a Series 6 model.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is great for everybody, but especially those who have never had an Apple Watch before. With its bigger screen and full-size keyboard, fitness capabilities, and seamless connectivity with the iPhone, Apple’s Watch continues to be the finest smartwatch for Apple’s smartphone.

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