Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

One of the great things about affordable airsoft guns for sale is that they won’t break the bank. There are some really high-quality mid-range airsoft guns out there that are affordable and still offer decent performance, especially for beginners.

But here’s the other good thing. To many hobbyists that live for airsoft, affordable airsoft guns are like a blank slate. With a few sensible mods or upgrades, you can improve the durability of the platform or significantly boost performance and handling.

These are some of the most reasonable, practical upgrades you can make to most airsoft guns for sale to kick performance into high gear.

Stainless Steel Tight-Bore Barrels
Some airsoft guns already come with tight-bore barrels. Others don’t. Others yet come with brass barrels.

The problem is, standard inner barrels don’t offer the same accuracy as tight-bore (like 6.03mm models) can. Also, brass barrels are subject to the influence of corrosion over time. Pitting and corrosion can both adversely affect accuracy.

A stainless steel tight bore barrel is not only more durable and longer-lasting than a brass barrel – it will also boost accuracy.

A More Powerful Motor
While some beginner airsoft guns for sale come with high-quality, high-torque motors, oftentimes, the motor is one of the AEG’s weakest links.

Fortunately, most airsoft guns can be easily upgraded with new, updated, more powerful motors.

There are two main types of airsoft gun motors: high-torque and high-speed motors.

High-torque motors are very durable and very powerful, but they don’t offer the highest speed. These types of motors are, however, designed to last.

By contrast, high-speed motors deliver higher RPM, delivering excellent trigger response and high rates of fire, but they’re not as tough as high-torque motors.

You need to decide whether you want a Jeep (high-torque) or a sports car (high-speed) motor in your AEG. Also, choose a model with high-quality powerful magnets, like neodymium magnets.

Upgraded Hop-up Bucking
The hop-up system imparts backspin on your airsoft BBs, making your shots travel farther and more accurately.

It does this through the bucking, which actually is in contact with the BB as it passes through the hop-up unit.

The bucking can be either hard or soft. Hard buckings are more durable and last longer, but don’t impart spin as effectively. These are better for high-FPS rating airsoft rifles. By contrast, softer buckings are more effective at imparting spin but they don’t last as long. They’re better for lower FPS-rated airsoft guns such as gas blowback airsoft pistols.

A MOSFET to Protect Trigger Contacts
A MOSFET is, properly, a metal oxide field-effect transistor – but don’t let that mouthful turn you off. It’s what these things do, not what they’re called, that makes a difference.

Typically, AEG triggers to touch two metal contacts when activated. Many high-voltage AEG batteries can burn out the contacts over time, causing delayed or impaired trigger response or requiring a replacement of internal components.

Dropping a MOSFET into your airsoft AEG redirects the current; it basically creates a barrier between the high voltage of the battery and the trigger contacts, resulting in a lower voltage supply to them. This improves trigger response and preserves your trigger contacts.

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