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Introduction :

Health supplements along with regular training is a key to walk on the way of Glory.  A gym-goer needs to be careful with his eating habits as it enables him to become a pro-athlete. If you have started hitting the gym and looking to gain some knowledge. You are at the right spot as we are here to disclose the value of nutrition for your fitness journey, tips for meeting high nutrition intake. 

An exerciser lives a different life than average individuals. His daily schedule includes an extensive workout session for which he needs to remain in peak physical energy. Consuming a nutritional supplement along with exercise matters as well. 

Whereas, a nutrition packed meal makes a great difference in the performance as well. When your fitness training is followed by advanced nutrition along with a proper diet no hurdle can stop you from becoming the best.

Below are the 6 nutrition tips for an athlete to maximize his endurance and accomplish desired fitness related goals.

What is Fitness Nutrition? 

Call it sports nutrition or fitness nutrition the meaning and purpose will remain the same. It is all about improving the diet and fluid intake of endurance athletes engaged in fitness and exercise performance. A promising benefit of  nutrition is improvement in your athletic endurance. Moreover, proper nutrition eliminates muscle problems like fatigue and soreness allowing you to become a pro.

Below Are the Types of Physical Activities :

Here we are going to explain the type of physical activities. The advanced nutrition needs of gym-goers are determined on the bases of such activities: 

Sedentary To Light Activity : 

Refers to any activity you can practice indoors such as home or office. Light physical activities include walking inside the house, office etc. Here one does not need a nutritional supplement to survive it.

Example of light physical activities 

  • Working on a computer/laptop
  • Daily house chores 
  • Walking

Moderate Activity : 

Second level of physical activity where one moves at a moderate pace while engaging in the activity. Moderate activities require more energy than light ones and it includes 

  • Brisk walking
  • Cycling 
  • Swimming 
  • Chores like washing dishes etc.

Intensive Activities :

As the name suggests, intensive activities include physical movement at the highest levels of strength. Usually, such activities are performed by professional athletes. Where they need healthy supplements and proper meals to withstand such training sessions.

Examples of intensive activities 

  • Weight lifting
  • Cardio
  • Carrying, lifting etc.

It’s crucial for the exercisers to keep a check on their nutritional needs to deliver a top-notch performance. Therefore, we have listed some nutrition tips for such individuals.

 advanced nutrition

Concentrate on Your Energy Levels : 

Number one nutritional tip for the gym-goers is to keep a check on their energy needs. When you have an extensive training session to follow.  There is no choice but to improve your energy levels through healthy eating. 

According to the experts, eating habits play an important role in the improvement of our energy levels. It is because what we eat goes in all the parts of the body. 

Here focus on high energy foods in case your aim is to attain a lean physique. However, if you want to put on extra weight along with muscles, add carbohydrates in your meal plans. The quantity matters a lot, so ask your nutritional expert to suggest you the appropriate number of carbs, protein and calories in your diet along with a nutritional supplement.

Your expert will calculate your energy needs through: 

  • Types of athletic performances you are engaged in
  • Current fitness levels 
  • Future goals related to fitness
  • Time duration of training

Protein is Essential : 

Protein is crucial for individuals participating in athletic performance and want to return to their normal state after every workout session. In addition, protein supports several functions in the body by keeping your cells and muscles tissues in a great shape.  A prime source of advanced nutrition for anyone whether he is an athlete or adult working 9-5. 

Regular consumption of protein improves your overall skin and oral health. Moreover, it also boasts your energy levels without cursing any side effects. There is a never-ending list of protein benefits in the life of an exerciser.  Protein carries amino acids which form new proteins in the body and known as the building blocks of life.

Moreover, protein is known for its quick muscle recovery after the intensive training sessions. There are two ways for an individual to meet his protein intake such as regular meals and healthy supplements. Food items such as meat, chicken, fish and eggs offer a huge amount of protein.

However, if you are a vegan relying on a plant-based diet instead of meat, you can opt for lentils, chickpeas, nut butter and nuts etc. On the other hand, high protein supplement which you can follow for proper nutrition include 

  • Power whey complex 
  • Nitro Juice Gainer
  • Power whey Isolate
  • Protein blast bars

Vegan Protein :

Again, if you are a vegan athlete looking for a plant-based nutritional supplement you can opt for 

  • Grass-fed whey protein
  • Natural Whey Complex
  • Vegan Way
  • Natural whey isolate 

Make sure the quantity of your protein supplement remains moderate. As overconsumption for the sake of quick results only leads to health issues such as kidney and stomach issues. Therefore, ask your health care expert to evaluate your energy needs and suggest the exact quantity.

Keep Yourself Hydrated : 

Water has an equal importance as the food does. Here appropriate hydration is essential for your overall athletic progress. Professional athletes suggest that a gym-goer should consume 2 cups of water before starting his daily training session. Having 120ml of fluids after an hour of training is key to meeting your advanced nutrition.

If you are a fluid lover then consult with your dietician to make a hydration plan for a week/Month.  Which include high protein and low caloric drinks to ensure your body is not consuming excessive sugar.

Dairy Products : 

Besides water and supplementation, the use of dairy products like yogurt and milk is also vital for an athlete to boast his nutritional intake. Such products contain adequate amounts of protein and calcium which is advantageous for your bone’s health. Moreover, it is also important for rehydrating the body after the exercise.

Gap Between Competitions :

Ending hours of the session and beginning of competition is a crucial time. It can build immense pressure on the athletes and they often forget to keep themselves hydrated in such key moments. 

Whereas, one needs to overcome this phase by keeping himself hydrated. The best time to replenish muscles is after the workout. Below are the nutritional tips for marathon runners

  • Rehydrate yourself to maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance.
  • Replenish the lost energy by eating a carbohydrate filled snack like a banana.
  • Aid your muscle recovery by taking proteins.
  • Snack within 30-60 minutes of exercise for effective recovery.

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