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If you play airsoft, there are a few important essentials you’ll need to bring along. This is the case for most airsoft matches, but if you partake in MilSim engagements, you may need to engage in slightly more rigorous preparation. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is MilSim?
MilSim is short for military simulation. Some law enforcement and paramilitary personnel use it to simulate combat scenarios for training purposes. Occasionally, civilians also engage in MilSim matches to test their skills and challenge their critical thinking abilities.

Depending on the sort of reenactments you participate in, these may be MilSim, too.

Basically, think of it as a sort of “advanced” sort of airsoft wherein the matches are controlled to resemble real-life combat scenarios as closely as possible.

What Do You Need to Prepare for a MilSim Match?
Playing MilSim is a lot like engaging in other forms of airsoft, and a lot of essentials you’ll need to bring along are exactly the same. Unless your match has any sort of specific rules against bringing any of the following, you should have:

● An airsoft gun and a sidearm as well as a holster for that sidearm.
● Personal protective equipment. Glasses at a bare minimum, if not a full face mask. Many players prefer to play with heavy gloves and other padded protection.
● Heavy, protective clothing that will keep you warm/cool depending on the expected weather.
● Comfortable, all-weather footwear, preferably waterproof boots that will support you and protect your feet.
● Warm, comfortable socks – several changes of socks, actually.
● A waterproof layer like a poncho.
● A tactical vest/uniform to help you carry your airsoft gear.
● Spare gas, batteries, ammo, and a speedloader.
● A knife, a shovel or entrenching tools, and other outdoor multi-tools.
● A flashlight.
● Fire starting equipment.
● A mess kit and a canteen, as well as water. Water treatment tablets if necessary.
● Food and snacks, especially if it’s a several-day event.
● Other camping equipment you deem you need, as necessary or required by the match.
● Communication equipment (unless another dedicated member of your team has been tasked with this).
● Binoculars to help with reconnaissance.
● A field service kit for your airsoft gun; at least a few Allen wrenches.
● A first aid kit; at least some bandages and athletic tape, so you can be better prepared.
● Spare cash. You never know when you might need it.
● Soap, a toothbrush, and any other hygiene supplies you’d bring if you were camping.
● Any camouflage clothing or other gear you are required by the organizer to bring to the event.

We recognize that this is a long list and that you can’t practically carry all of these things to every match. However, this is where you should start. Take what seems most important to you and is allowed to the event. Then, let experience dictate what you actually need for MilSim engagements – and what you do not.

A Note on MilSim Events
Something to be aware of: not all MilSIm engagements are the same and some organizers have special rules about what you can and cannot carry. Make sure to reach out to the organizer ahead of time so you have what you need, and don’t bring anything you won’t be allowed to use.

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