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Truth about Invisalign Aligners

In recent years, Invisalign treatments have already snatched the limelight from other forms of cosmetic dentistry treatments. Today, when people suffer from a dental issue, say a misalignment or crooked teeth or tooth gap, all that they do is get the right shape of these clear aligners for themselves from the perfect dental clinic or dentist.

Indeed, there are several reasons behind the popularity of these Invisalign aligners. Unlike the traditional metal braces, these Invisalign aligners are:

  • Transparent and nearly invisible
  • Takes less time to installation
  • Helps to diminish the dental problem

Also known as clear aligners, these braces have certainly made a place in the life of adults and some youngsters as well. So, if you are fascinated by the advantages and beauty of these clear braces and would love to have them for yourself, you can surely consult with an orthodontist or a dental clinic.

Due to the immense popularity of these Invisalign aligners, some people are still shrouded in a lot of myths encircling these aligners. As a result, you are sure to have some confusion regarding them. To help you get rid of all the doubts, we have come up with a blog. In this blog, we will share with you the things you ought to know before getting Invisalign aligners. Therefore, without any further delay, let’s get started with the details of the blog.

List of truths about Invisalign aligners

People these days are a bit biased about these Invisalign aligners. However, it is okay to have an inclination for something that fascinates you and changes your appearance. But what is not okay is the myths that encircle these clear aligners. To debunk these myths, here are some of the things that you should know before getting Invisalign aligners:

  1. Do not overthink and rule out yourself

The moment you get to know about the Invisalign aligners, you consider yourself. You think if you can wear these Invisalign braces. You start thinking a lot about the results even before you talk to an Invisalign dentist in London. Well, it is completely normal and understandable to freak out about these Invisalign aligners. After all, they are your teeth and you do not want to compromise with them. However, instead of having self-doubts and a dilemma as to whether you are a fit candidate for Invisalign aligners, we recommend you stop overthinking and have a detailed discussion with your preferred dentist in London.

  1. The process is efficient and fast

Many of you have no clue about the difference between installing a set of traditional braces and Invisalign aligners. Indeed, installing traditional metal braces will take some time. however, if you are in a rush and would like to get done with the installation process of these Invisalign aligners, it has you covered. This is one of the many reasons why people choose to have Invisalign aligners over traditional metal braces.

  1. You can experience some discomfort

Well, this is something that no one will tell you. Everyone talks about the benefits of getting Invisalign aligners. However, hardly will you see anybody telling you the truth. One of the greatest and most massive truths about the installation of these Invisalign aligners is they come up with some amount of pain and discomfort. The moment the dentist installs these clear aligners, he uses force and pressure to make these aligners sit on the surface of your teeth. So, this can lead to some amount of pain and bleeding. However, all of this is temporary.

  1. Your teeth may feel loose

Many of the patients who have already had the experience of getting Invisalign aligners to complain about facing loose teeth after the treatment. Well, this is a common phenomenon that most people face right after the Invisalign treatment. If you have a similar experience, do not panic. Instead, you can speak with your dentist or dental clinic about this. This looseness of the teeth occurs due to the pressure that the dentist uses to install the aligners.

  1. These aligners can be customized

One of the primary reasons why people prefer getting Invisalign aligners is due to their customizable nature. To fix the Invisalign aligner inside your mouth, the dentist first undergoes a physical screening of your mouth and then takes the measurement of the teeth. Next, he figures out the color and texture of your teeth to prepare aligners accordingly. After all, you do not want people to figure out whether you have braces on your teeth.

  1. You have to stay away from eating and drinking temporarily

When you have already put your Invisalign aligners, you have to make sure to keep them on your teeth for 20 to 22 hours every day. Failing to follow this will never produce the desired results. The two hours in which you keep the aligners out of your mouth is the perfect time for your eating and drinking. Eating and drinking while keeping your braces on can lead to unnecessary marks and stains on your teeth surface.

  1. You can experience a slight lisp

In the very first one or two weeks of installing an Invisalign aligner, people complain of experiencing a lisp or a subtle change in their voice. This is primarily because of the change that occurs in your mouth right after the installation of these clear aligners. There is nothing to worry about this lisp or some change in your voice. Give these aligners some time to adjust to your mouth and things will fall into place.

  1. You have to take brushing seriously

When you decide to have Invisalign aligners in your mouth, make sure to consider brushing your teeth and flossing them diligently. This is because you can have some food particles stuck in between your teeth. If you do not remove them through brushing and flossing, it is sure to lead to tooth decay and tartar.


Therefore, installing these Invisalign aligners can be highly beneficial for the betterment of your oral health. Besides, the way these aligners rectify your dental problems is absolutely painless. You can visit a dental clinic where you can get Invisalign offers in London.

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