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When talking about lights, lamps, and pendants, we will always have many options, but we will have to choose the one that best suits our home, style, and even the available space. The objective is, of course, to make our home shine.

Below we will discover a large number of options to show off when installing the ideal chandeliers and pendants for each space.

Difference between lamps and pendants

Over the years, the difference between these words has been blurred, but the following is usually considered for each:

Oil lamp

It is a set of bulbs held at the end of rods that, in turn, are all connected at the other end, returning to the circular structure and to the point where the rods touch the “center”. The resulting structure is close to the ceiling. The number of bulbs in a lamp is usually greater than 3, and due to its somewhat bulky dimensions, it is usually placed in the center of the rooms.


It shares a structure similar to that of the oil lamp, but it also has very classical decorative elements, such as multiple crystal pendants very close together, which hang towards the ground (which is why it is also known as a ‘crystal chandelier’).

It is because of this that this type of lighting is associated with large houses and vintage because due to their large size they can only be accommodated in very large spaces.


Pendant lights can have one or more bulbs (light sources) in their structure, which is usually cleaner and more vertical; In addition, it usually has more height than the other luminaires. Due to this, it is ideal for very high places, or to highlight a space in our home with a minimalist and long design.

Vital Factors to Consider When Buying Chandeliers and Pendants

  • The height of the room where we want to put the luminaire.
  • Highlight its function, depending on whether it will serve as lighting or decoration.
  • Considering its dimensions, we must choose not very high luminaires for low areas (such as bathrooms or bedrooms) and opt for ones with more height for the dining area.
  • Evaluate the place of installation, it is important to verify that they are not hung in high-traffic areas where people can collide with them.

8 ideas to illuminate the house with chandeliers and pendants

1. Let’s install a golden touch

Gold and white have always combined well, and if we want to bring light to a place in the house that is somewhat opaque (to contrast), or that, on the other hand, is either light or has a large window nearby, this Selvino pendant light will combine perfectly. The perfection.

Of course, it is more recommended for interiors, but no matter where we put it, its delicate silhouette will bring a luxurious golden touch to our home without the weight of a sun chandelier.

2. 2 pairs of lights never look bad

If one fixture is good, let’s get 4 better, and see how we can fill a space (without overloading it) and increase the light sources evenly.

If we don’t want to hang pictures or we have low-height furniture in a specific area of ​​the house, these 4 Siracusa pendant lights will be the essential piece to complete the space. It is 110 cm long, so we should consider placing it in a space where it can be used to the maximum.

3. A dash of Art Deco for a tall space

If we like vintage and we are especially familiar with the Art Deco style (characterized by its long and simple geometric shapes), we will love this 150 cm high luminaire with 6 spotlights.

Each one of the spotlights is wrapped in a black metal cube, giving it volume, and they fall in a cascade that guides the view from the bottom up. That’s why it’s perfect for very high spaces! An entrance porch or a spiral staircase would stand out when using this piece.

4. Make a contrast in black and white

They are a set of colors that will never go out of style, since black and white are very basic colors, they can work well with any other color that is particularly intense, such as mustard yellow, cherry red and even green. lime.

If we want to complement the main color of our home, black and white will be essential, they can even be the main tones, making our home a larger space with this clean contrast. In either case, this long pendant light can be a very good alternative to match the aesthetic we want.

5. Continue with multiple minimalist elements

If we continue in the minimalist line, the predisposition of multiple similar elements placed closely is always friendly to the eye. In the field of decoration, bowls, plates, pots, and even bookcases are usually put together, so that each element balances with the other.

Of course, we already know that lighting can also function as decoration if the chandeliers and pendants are chosen well, and that is why this 5-light source luminaire is particularly attractive. Its compact and black quality will serve both to illuminate interiors and to highlight the art hanging on the walls.

Another idea that we can also consider is that it can be installed right on our desk or office area, thus efficiently lighting the work area and giving it a professional touch.

6. Let’s not forget the classic oil lamp

A spark of European charm with a hint of burnished bronze that will enhance any other color, this Imperial pendant light will bring us.

It will not leave a single space without lighting with its 6 spotlights (which in technical language are called lamps). Additionally, these spotlights have satin-gloss shades, which will slightly muffle the light. Therefore, it is ideal for the dining room and living room area.

7. Try inverting the silhouettes

A little twist is sometimes all it takes to revamp an entire space. There are bold options like lighting with only LEDs or custom-designed fixtures, but if you want to keep a traditional look and just give it a twist, this 3-light LED pendant light is a great option.

Its long, slender silhouette, along with the concave-shaped temples, will highlight its length and polished nickel structure. This gives it the appearance of being “turned over”, putting the dangling chain and temples back in the spotlight.

8. Be encouraged to put a festive touch

Back to black and gold! This 9-light chandelier from Oman combines the geometric shapes of a large rectangular frame with golden smoked glass spheres. This is the way to be modern in terms of chandeliers and pendants without losing a bit of luxury since the spotlights are LED and their matte finish dampens the light.

Putting this piece in a dining room will make the golden hue of the spheres highlight the varnished wood, so it works well for laminate floors or railings. Let’s not forget that their resemblance to Christmas spheres gives a festive touch to our decoration, which will shine during the December holidays, but will not be out of place the rest of the year either.

The best time to renovate our home by just changing one element is always now. Finding the best lighting options and lamps and pendants designed for our comfort has never been easier.

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