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In recent years, another style of country-inspired decor has taken shape. It is more chic, above all more refined and highlights the beauty of simple objects. Discover all our tips for adopting this chic country style in your interior, an up-to-date country touch.

Know everything about today’s country decoration

The country decoration nowadays has changed a lot. For a long time it could have been a little loaded and quite kitsch. Checks and flowers everywhere, trinkets, drawings and other various objects. In recent years, another style of decor inspired by country charm has taken shape. It is more chic, especially more refined and highlights the beauty of simple objects.

It is on this new chic country style that we will focus in this article. Currently many people want to add authenticity to their interior. Whether in a new property or in an old one, adding character is always a good idea. This helps bring life to your surroundings and create a rather unique home.

Exit the interiors taken out of catalogs this year, we want the real thing, the experience with beautiful materials and vintage flea market patina objects. We want to bring the calm and friendliness of the countryside back to our overworked urban worlds.

All the country decoration revolves around the material

The first step for a more authentic interior is the material. Indeed, choose your furniture and decoration for their quality, because that is where their beauty is revealed.

Natural and warm fabrics

For linens, such as bedding and curtains, opt for crinkled linen. The crumpled side brings a lively and less smooth aspect that we find in the countryside. You can also opt for a linen sofa. It is an elegant and timeless material, in which it is pleasant to curl up when returning from your day. Linen is also a thermoregulatory fabric that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, it washes easily and above all dries very quickly. It is a very resistant fiber that lasts for years, in short, linen is the fabric you need.

Then comes the cotton found on the cushions, the tablecloth and other fabric elements. Opt for a rather thick cotton if you want a rustic effect. Conversely, a very fine and tight woven cotton will be soft and will bring elegance to your charming country chic interior. The best option for a balanced interior is to mix the two.

Also, wool is a quality material. It can be found on a rug, a very warm plaid for winter or decorative cushions. This gives a touch of natural warmth and cocooning to your room, perfect for gray and cold winter weather.

Raw materials for a country decoration

For other materials, we obviously find wood. Essential for country decoration and current trends. Raw it is ideal for the dining room table, a large sideboard or a wardrobe in the bedroom. The more knots and grooves it shows the better, we choose it with a patina and medium to dark color for more character.

Ceramics and stoneware are also very present. On pots in the kitchen to accommodate utensils, or on dishes and presentation dishes. There are also terracotta, tommettes and cement tiles, which give a reminder of the rural decor.

And to bring a little lightness we don’t forget touches of materials that bring light : golden brass and glass. We find brass on furniture handles, sconces and of course taps. For glass, it is applied to vases that are presented in accumulation and suspensions for an antique but airy appearance.

On the color side, we stay in white and beige trends, with touches of warm colors and green.

The chic details of country decoration

The details take on their full meaning in a piece that has been designed to highlight them. Take care to free the space of all plastic or overly conspicuous objects that could break the authentic effect you want to create.

Here are some rustic decor must-haves that will bring a country feel to your interior. In the kitchen place your wooden utensils in a stoneware pot and place your cutting boards against the splashback to warm up the space. Hang your basket or your woven citrus bag for a Sunday market spirit. In the dining room, choose a bench for one side of the dining room table. it brings conviviality and mismatches chairs for more charm. Swap your vase with an old pitcher and place a bouquet of flowers in it for a country touch. In the living room place a copper light garland in a lady Jeanne for a country lantern.

On the bedroom and bathroom side, the decoration is softer. Use an old door or old shutters for a country-style headboard. Place a large engraved wooden mirror for a chic touch. In the bathroom, use glass jars for your products and cottons.

We bring nature into the country decor

The countryside is nature, the orchards of fruit trees, the wheat fields, the vegetable patch in the garden… To find this atmosphere at home, even in town, you have to bring nature into your interior.

Fruits and vegetables like at the market

In the kitchen the trend is for fruits and vegetables. Display them in a pretty wooden salad bowl, or in a large stoneware bowl. Seasonal fruits or vegetables: lemons, tomatoes, oranges… This brings a touch of color and a market spirit to your kitchen. On the green side, create your small indoor vegetable garden. With herbs in terracotta pots, your interior will take on a country air. Rosemary, thyme, basil, fine herbs, sage, sorrel… Just be sure to respect the needs of each plant: type of soil, watering and sunshine so that your aromatic garden is as beautiful as possible. You can also grow tomatoes or beans on your balcony or terrace.

Trees, flowers, everything for an indoor garden

In the living room and dining room, if the room is sufficiently sunny, place a large pot in a slightly old style and plant a shrub or a large plant in it to give an outdoor impression. For example a ficus or a fern, avoid plants that are too exotic so as not to break the countryside look. Gather several glass vases and place branches and fresh flowers in them.

The trend is also for dried flowers, place a pretty bouquet in a ceramic vase for a chic country decor effect all year round. You can also replace the flowers with ears of wheat. You can also hang herbarium frames or floral paintings for the country side.

Decorating tip: shop around!

For a unique interior with character nothing better than antique objects. Go to flea markets, garage sales, search on second- hand sales sites. You will sometimes find nuggets, unique, with a story, a patina finish full of charm. These are the pieces that will bring character to your interior. In the countryside decor it is all the more necessary, family heirlooms are highlighted, everything has been there for some time thanks to quality and timelessness. So bet on these elements that bring a story and authenticity.

Modernized country decoration for a balanced mix and match

To sum up, country decoration these days is more focused on raw details in a fairly simple setting, from authentic decoration to humble materials. And always with this atmosphere of a country farmhouse on a Sunday morning after returning from the market.

To bring the final touch to this very old atmosphere, a few modern elements create a perfect style. For example, in the living room there is the sofa and cushions in linen and wool, a rustic coffee table with a vase of flowers and a worn gold candle holder in the center. Add a modern and simple suspension or painting to give the trendy side to your country decoration. Or in the bedroom, imagine a very soft country atmosphere, with a soft armchair, and a wooden bench at the end of the bed, books, and a large vase of dried flowers. Place in this case of softness very simple and modern sconces on each side of the bed to wake up the room a little.

Everything is in the balance of the rooms, so that the style of your decoration has a worked and timeless aspect, you must avoid the total look. This elevates the decoration for a more chic side even in full champagne.


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