Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

It is only through remodeling that a commercial property can maintain its good appearance. This is a huge project but whether you plan a complete overhaul of your commercial flush valves, toilets, and urinals or you simply want a simple facelift and update a few designs here and there, it’s always worth it.

Nothing dates a building like a dingy restroom, and by remodeling it, you can bring the entire place up to date to meet your modern customers’ demands and expectations. If that is not reason enough, below are more reasons to renovate your business restroom.

1. Fix Existing Problems
Restrooms develop water leaks over time, resulting in rotting floors and mold issues. If you fear that your tiles are loose or that your fixtures are leaking, you should consider remodeling.

It’s also a good idea to renovate if there are problems that keep cropping up, a renovation will reveal where the root of the problem is coming from. You can also handle minor maintenance issues before they become big ones.

Non-plumbing issues like broken doors or windows and many others will also be addressed when you decide to renovate.

2. Improve Energy Efficiency
Restroom fixtures have made significant progress in terms of water and energy efficiency. Sink aerators, touchless valves, and low-flow toilets are now standards. Remodeling is an opportunity to improve your restroom and catch up with the rest of the world.

People are becoming more ecologically conscious. Energy-efficient lighting, motion sensors, waterless urinal flush valves, and tap flow restrictors are all things customers expect in a restroom today.

These features are not only attractive to customers but they are also cost-effective and an excellent way to help the environment.

Consider installing touchless commercial toilets and urinals, and other hands-free fixtures as part of your bathroom technology upgrade. They’re environmentally friendly and can help you save on electricity and other resources.

3. Pandemic Proof It
Air dryers, touchless faucets, and paper towel dispensers that don’t require touching are a great way to stop cross-contamination of germs. Germs can multiply on any surface, and if you touch those surfaces, you spread germs everywhere.

There are numerous advantages to maintaining sanitary conditions in commercial restrooms and not the least of them is proofing it from pandemic causing viruses.

4. Update Its Look
Restrooms in older buildings typically appear to be much worse than they are. They tend to look grimy even when they’re clean.

You can update the aesthetic appearance while you’re upgrading restroom hardware and equipment. A bathroom redesign will transform any space, regardless of how old the structure is.

5. Improve Your Business Reputation
Although business reputation involves conceptual factors that are hard to measure, they affect your company and therefore should be given importance. Today, a negative review can spread more quickly, thanks to the Internet. So today’s business owners must be always aware of their reputation and constantly looking for methods to improve it.

One of the ways you can is by improving your restroom. A clean and comfortable restroom has the power to put your business in a good light. So by renovating your restroom, you will also be boosting positive feelings towards your business.

6. Improve Your Employees’ Morale
Research shows that employees with strong morale are generally happy employees. Happier employees are more productive, and productive employees are more likely to generate business success.

If you want to take advantage of your biggest business asset, their morale should take priority in your business also. Having a nice and clean restroom is a great way to improve your employees’ morale.

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