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company logo should be easy to remember, engaging, and funny. So, naturally, animated logos are the best choice for this. Unlike traditional static logos that remain the same for years, animated logos offer an engaging and captivating experience. The digital design lets you make cartoons easily; the internet platform is excellent for showing moving pictures.

The question is how you can utilize them. Numerous styles are available, including animated loops changing animated logos, etc. Logo Magicians will show its audience the four best ideas for animated logos and explain how to make your own.

Looping animated logos

Looping animated logos are an effective way to create a continuous and engaging animation that repeats seamlessly. While this style may be optional for logos that appear only once, it becomes highly beneficial for logos frequently displayed on websites or digital ads.

The key to a successful looping animation is ensuring a smooth transition. You can maintain consistency between the end and beginning of the animation. This seamless loop captivates viewers, reinforces brand recognition, and leaves a lasting impression. Looping animated logos can elevate your brand’s online presence and make it more memorable to your target audience.

One real-life example of a looping animated logo is the iconic Netflix logo. You will notice their logo animation when you visit the Netflix website or launch the app. The logo starts with the letter “N” and the accompanying red ribbon. The ribbon gracefully morphs and flows around the “N,” creating a smooth and continuous loop. This looping animation adds a touch of dynamism and elegance to the Netflix brand. It captures viewers’ attention and reinforces their brand identity.

Changing animated logos

Changing animated logos often don’t stay the same. The logo changes from one picture to another, like a different logo version or a funny parody of the original.

A standard style of this logo is s transitioning from a pictorial logo to a wordmark logo or alternating between two different pictorial logos, adding versatility to the branding strategy.

One way to have fun with logos is by changing them and incorporating animation to showcase different moods of your character or mascot, adding a touch of delight and amusement. By doing so, designers encourage audiences to establish a connection between the portrayed personality and the brand itself. This playful and engaging interaction helps create a memorable and relatable experience and promotes a more robust brand association.

This is an excellent way to start if you’ve never made an animated logo. Because adding movement to an existing logo is easy to make it more memorable and elicits a stronger emotional reaction. It can be as simple as adding some effects and changing the colors of an otherwise static image.

Remember that you would have to design more than one logo to get this changeable look, but the extra work pays off with a more dynamic and visually appealing logo than a single picture.

Partially animated logos

Partially animated logos are the easiest to make because, at the core, you’re just making an image that stays still except for a few minor changes.

Most of the time, partial motion works best in the background. It makes the logo in the foreground feel urgent and exciting, essential for remembering it and getting the attention of new viewers.

Often, only the background parts move, while the central part of the logo design stays still. This strengthens the main point, whether it’s a sword, banner, tired traveler, or anything else.

In this logic, partially animated backgrounds enhance the static elements of the logo while the animations play a better supporting role. Because of this, it works well for companies with well-known names that want to draw attention and don’t want to change their look.

It is also suitable for businesses seeking to enhance their logos without making drastic changes. By incorporating subtle movements, even static logos can become eye-catching and engaging. This design approach works well for many automotive, beauty, or hospitality businesses. Such a technique offers an accessible option to elevate their brand image.

Animated introductions for logos

The most common type of Animated logos includes animated “introductions.” Although the main logo image remains static, there are certain situations, such as online usage, where a brief animated introduction showcases the logo elements coming together.

The style often seen at the start of movies or end of TV episodes produced by film companies can now be used by any industry thanks to modern digital design capabilities. The appeal of animated introductions lies in combining the best of both worlds: static logo and animated introduction. A static logo that ensures easy recognition later on and an extra touch of flair and entertainment at the beginning.

While introductory animation enhances the memorability of the logo and engages viewers. It adds a dynamic element to the logo, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Focusing on the end goal when striving for this particular style is crucial. The key objective is to ensure the logo remains static and is displayed prominently in the forefront. From there, it’s easy to use movements to put the logo’s parts where they belong.

This style allows for a lot of creativity and experimentation. It doesn’t provide specific details about your brand’s products or services but adds depth to your logo design. Make sure you pick the right pictures to go with your brand name and visuals so that people can see that your company is creative, all-around, and unique in everything it does.

One possibility is slowly creating the logo via motion, adding to the design, and taking your audience through the journey. This is a valuable technique if you’re logo is straightforward, or you like to avoid adding any elements to your logo.


Animated logos are a fun and unique way to improve how people see your brand. You can get your audience’s attention by animating your name with these above ideas. Indeed, you will raise the level of your business today by adding an animated logo.

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