Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

A great beginner airsoft gun should do a couple of things. It should be fairly straightforward and easy to operate. It should be easy to maintain, and it should not be intimidating to use.

It should make upgrades straightforward down the line, as many players mod their airsoft guns, turning basic starter models into souped-up, better versions of the originals. A beginner airsoft gun should also not break the bank.

Ultimately a good beginner airsoft gun should be enjoyable to use and serve as a good stepping stone to introduce new players into the world of airsoft.

So, knowing this, we picked out these 3 top beginner platforms, all of which are available at great prices right now at MiR Tactical ( If you’re thinking about getting into airsoft, you should definitely check them out.

Lancer Tactical LT-06-G2-M4A1 Polymer AEG
The LT-06-M4A1 from Lancer Tactical features a lightweight but strong polymer frame, adjustable front and rear sights, and a detachable carry handle. It also features sling mounts for ease of carry.

It comes with a 300-round mag and a 9.6V battery and is capable of delivering muzzle velocities of up to 395 FPS. It’s pretty powerful for a beginner airsoft gun, too. It also features a rotary hop-up unit and a 6.03mm tight-bore barrel for accuracy.

All in all, it’s a great beginner gun, and the best feature of all is the price – you can pick up one of these for under $170.

G&G CM16 Raider AEG
The G&G CM16 Raider is a consistent entry among lists of best beginner AEG rifles.

Highlights of the CM16 Raider platform include an adjustable stock, a Version 2, full-metal, fully-upgradeable gearbox with 8mm brass bearings, compatibility with other M4/M16 style magazines, including high capacity magazines, lightweight construction, a long type motor, tons of rail space, safe, semi-auto and full-auto capabilities, and much more.

This airsoft rifle is absolutely a steal at this price point, too. Few other AEGs deliver this many high-quality features at under $200.

The KWA Ronin T10 RM4 SBR is another excellent beginner airsoft rifle for those weighing getting involved with playing airsoft, even though it’s on the pricier side.

This system features KWA’s AEG3 Gearbox and the platform allows for easy installation of electronic trigger systems for improved trigger response and diminished contact wear.

The platform also features a newly designed stock and handguard (perfect for mounting accessories like red dots and optics), as well as a “Kinetic Feedback System” that simulates recoil. It’s also blazing fast and capable of firing almost 20 rounds per second.

It’s on the more expensive side, but in terms of performance and power, this is an elite pick for a beginner airsoft gun.

Where Can You Get These Top Beginner Airsoft Guns (at Great Prices!)
Looking to prepare for an upcoming airsoft game with one of these beginner airsoft guns? Visit MiR Tactical – they carry all of these airsoft guns (as well as many other spring-powered and gas blowback models) at great prices. The best brands are well represented, with Tokyo Marui, Elite Force, Umarex, and others in addition to those featured here.

They also carry everything else airsoft players need to dominate in the field, from spare batteries to speed loaders to tactical vests.

Check out their collection today!

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