Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Wrapped Bitcoin, or WBTC, is a kind of cryptocurrency with Bitcoin as its foundation. WBTC is an ERC-20 coin that is indexed to the price of Bitcoin. WBTC aims to offer consumers the advantages of both Ethereum and Bitcoin. The purpose of WBTC strives to make it possible to utilize Bitcoin within the Ethereum environment. 

Therefore, crypto contracts and decentralized applications powered by Ethereum are compatible with Bitcoin. The Ethereum system now accepts Bitcoin when it is converted into WBTC, expanding Bitcoin’s potential applications. There are many companies that offer WBTC to you. In this article, you will learn about some of them. 

Companies That Offer WBTC

1. BitGo

Providing a safe and legally authorized custody option for a number of virtual assets, including Bitcoin, BitGo operates as an internet-based trust firm. Furthermore, BitGo provides a service for generating and administering WBTC. In order to turn Bitcoin into WBTC, a user must first send Bitcoin to this firm. 

Then BitGo creates an equivalent number of WBTC, an ERC-20 coin that runs over the Ethereum network. The people’s Ethereum addresses are subsequently transferred to the freshly created WBTC, although BitGo has custody of the matching quantity of Bitcoin. You can get a Wrapped Bitcoin wallet

2. Kyber Network

A decentralized liquidity mechanism called Kyber Network enables smooth token exchanges between several cryptocurrencies. In order to provide its consumers with the most efficient exchange fees, it has merged with a variety of liquidity providers. Additionally, Kyber Network allows consumers to use the standard more easily.

Kyber Network really provides WBTC that is readily exchanged with other coins over the system in the event of WBTC. Users may easily begin a deal from WBTC to other crypto tokens offered on the Kyber Network by efficiently connecting their Wrapped Bitcoin staking wallets.

3. Ren

Another decentralized system that offers WBTC is Ren. Customers are not obligated to depend on centralized exchanges in order to get WBTC thanks to Ren’s decentralized BTC for WBTC conversion feature. Users have to first put BTC in the virtual machine of Ren, in order to get WBTC using Ren.

The corresponding volume of WBTC is then minted by the virtual machine and sent to the user’s chosen wallet address. This action, which turns BTC to WBTC, is fast because no third party is involved. The method used by Ren to provide WBTC has a number of advantages. You can use Wrapped Bitcoin web wallet.  

4. TokenSoft

A tool called TokenSoft makes it possible to issue virtual currencies on blockchain systems like WBTC. A collection of tools from TokenSoft make it simple for businesses to create and administer their own virtual assets over the blockchain network. Some companies listed before are helping Tokensoft. Two are BitGo and Kyber Network.

TokenSoft collaborates with a variety of bodies to provide WBTC, including BitGo and the Kyber Network. In order to guarantee that the WBTC cryptos are completely supported by Bitcoin and fulfill the greatest transparency and security standards, TokenSoft additionally collaborates with competent auditors and custodians. 


In conclusion, WBTC’s introduction has created new opportunities for the incorporation of Bitcoin within the decentralized finance sector. Users may now access the money and usefulness with the Ethereum community while still enjoying the worth of Bitcoin thanks to companies that offer WBTC. I have listed them already. 

Where to store Wrapped Bitcoin? Choose a wallet like MetaMask. For consumers that wish to connect with DeFi networks utilizing Bitcoin as security, a purchase, or a form of payment, these businesses provide distinctive alternatives. WBTC serves as a link between the various parts of Bitcoin and Ethereum generally.

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